Destiny, for good or ill, is this generation's World of Warcraft

"I have a confession to make. I’m a Destiny player. I might even call myself, and other fans, as “Guardians.” I know, sounds cheesy and corny right? But it is what it is. That’s mostly because I know how much the Destiny franchise has become an integral part in the lives of many other players throughout the years. For good or ill, it is this generation or the FPS gamer’s World of Warcraft. It is a shared-world shooter, an FPS with an MMORPG feel. As such, all the trappings and issues of the genre go along with it." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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kevnb186d ago (Edited 186d ago )

LOL! Its not even close, heck im pretty sure wow still has more active players than destiny has ever had. Even if you can get past the much lower user count, the game is not in any way shape or form an mmo nor can it keep people playing for a decade. Oh and the most important part, wow is still this generations wow.

kneon186d ago

I played Destiny 2 on the recent free weekend, got to level 20 and that's pretty much enough. Since then I have occasionally been playing it in trial mode when I'm on conference calls as it takes little skill or attention to just go around farming resources and doing the public events.

Maybe I'd pick it up when it hits $10 like it did with Overwatch this week.

186d ago
OnlyThoseOnTheFence186d ago

Um no. Destiny 2 had what, 8.5 million players at one point (down to less than a mil now) meanwhile Warframe has hit over 30 million. Delusional journalist is delusional.

agent4532186d ago

Destiny is garbage my opinion. I say fortnite and PUBG are the world of Warcraft of this generation. They brought the battle royale genre to live and now we will see its copycats.

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