Can No Man's Sky and Hello Games Be Redeemed?

On this episode of The Trophy Room: A PlayStation Podcast, Joseph, Kyle, and JoAfterWork talk about No Man's Sky NEXT. Can Hello Games be redeemed? Nathan Drake Short breaks the internet, Rainbow Siege's Community at a crossroads, The gang attempts to relaunch the PS Vita, and PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale!

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PhoenixUp922d ago

Hello Games is doing more to salvage No Man’s Sky than Bioware is for Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Christopher922d ago

Exactly. Both had bad launches, HG is fixing it. EA just shelved it after they made management decisions that caused it to release in the manner it did.

Razzer921d ago

Well EA did fix a lot of issues with Andromeda. It isn't like they "shelved" it immediately and let the problems continue. Not sure if this is really comparable. HG's problems went way beyond a buggy game.

Christopher921d ago

EA fixed graphical issues, not story or gameplay. And once it was to what they considered 'okay' they abandoned it with no plans for additional content at all nor regular updates.

NMS fixed everything, including gameplay issues, and continued to support it with multiple updates.

Andromeda's issues went way beyond a buggy game as well.

Razzer921d ago (Edited 921d ago )

Well, I played dang near 100% of Andromeda a few months after launch when it went on sale. The gameplay was great and I had no problems with the story. Yes, they dropped any further content after it flopped hard at launch. But overall, it was a complete game and was not nearly as bad as many made it out to be once they addressed the problems.

HG and NMS has come a long way. I'm not denying that. But I don't see Andromeda as the new punching bag to take its place when in the end it turned out to be a really good game. Obviously, that is my opinion, but I'm not alone in thinking that.

Christopher921d ago

Big fan of the series, played it straight through at release, very disappointed in the characters, story, gameplay changes to remove squad elements, timed ship missions, huge reliance on world traversal for lackluster side missions, etc. And then there were the bugs.

My favorite

Sure, that's subjective, but no less subjective than the quality of gameplay at release for NMS.

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valkrol922d ago

Maybe, but that doesn't really mean anything in this context.

darthv72921d ago

I got nothing against Hello Games. In fact... I'd love a new Joe Danger once this is all over.

922d ago
PhantomS42922d ago

No Man's Sky is far too late to be redeemed. Hello Games could be redeemed when they make their next game they don't intentionally lie to people about what is in their game so they can get sales.

1-pwnsause-1922d ago

i tend to disagree....If they fix the game, then they have me. I wanted the game, but after seeing what happened, i held out.....

rainslacker921d ago

They've done enough to redeem themselves. At best, people should just be more skeptical on their next game, and maybe not expect things so much. In the mean time, hopefully Hello Games learns that hiring a PR manager would be a good idea.

Elwenil922d ago

I doubt I will ever give Hello Games a second thought with the way Sean Murray lied repeatedly about this game. I don't support this kind of nonsense.

Tiqila922d ago (Edited 922d ago )

It was a mistake to overpromise the game in such a huge way, but I believe he hasn't done it to deceive gamers, but that he really believed they would deliver the game they promised.

Turned out they couldn't. But have they abandoned the project, accepting their failure, or did they work hard on it to make their vision finally become reality?

Elwenil921d ago

Go back and watch his interviews and tell me he wasn't meaning to mislead gamers. He was promising things they still haven't implemented in this game almost 2 years later. Yeah, kudos to them for sticking with it, though Sony may not have given them much choice and in reality, if you screw the pooch on your first major game, they don't have much choice anyway. And one can say that he was inexperienced and wasn't used to the spotlight, but when I first started my job if I had lied to a customer I would have been canned on the spot. But none of that is any excuse for him boldly lying to everyone about what could be done in his upcoming game. He either lied, or he is incompetent and unaware of what they were making. Considering the size of the studio at the time, I find it very hard to believe he was unaware of any part of the development process. This was not his first game and I find it laughable to think that he wasn't fully aware of what he was saying and how it was not even slightly based in reality. The man is a liar, plain and simple and I find dishonestly detestable.

rainslacker921d ago (Edited 921d ago )

If people can give Molyneux for a couple games for his over promises, then I'm sure Hello Games can manage to turn things around. Realistically, the people that actually will remember, know, or care are limited to the hardcore community, and since the average gamer usually doesn't even know who makes a particular game, I doubt it will affect them too much. If they manage to deliver on their next game, then anyone who holds what happened against them is the only one missing out.

Also, I've watched the videos, and I never felt he was meaning to mislead. At least nowhere near the extent that people made it out to be.

Frodosmugins922d ago

I'm not in to Sci-fi games and i followed this game a little until it's disappointing release.

I even picked it up for $10 on PSN last year just to try it out which I found quite dull..

Being largely a coop player with friends and family this game now looks appealing and with TPS view I think we will all be playing this again...

Seems like a sequel to me because I never focused on it originally.. Might be a good coop game to get us through the summer..

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