LittleBigPlanet Controversy Makes BBC News

Ripten: "Mix Islam and entertainment to find the media lapping it up. Religious controversy sells, and even the BBC picks up on the trend."

Video of the BBC segment available on the site.

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techie3702d ago

free? It cost them hundreds of thoasands in recalling copies, repriting them, and then shipping them again.

Nostradavis3702d ago

It could very well be just that.

morganfell3702d ago

Almost as good as an 80GB PS3 for $340. Ha ha, gotta love PS3 fanboy:

Spike473702d ago

good advertisement anyway.

Nostradavis3702d ago


Show me proof it cost them "hundreds of thousands"....

DJ3702d ago

A high profile game like this has at least a million copies ready for launch date at minimum. Each Blu-ray disc costs about 20 cents to print (last i checked). This is costing them quite a lot of money.

gunnerforlife3702d ago

this is gone sell quite a bit lol its gone go liek this

parent thinks: hmmmm i wonder whats so special abotu this game.

child sais: mum/dad pleaseee can i get a ps3 for this.

parent thinks: of course hun, i wana see whats so special about this game.

Nostradavis3702d ago

One problem. what if the parents just blindly bought their kid a Nintendo Wii??? ..... Mum, can I get Mad World?

wallace10003702d ago

Nothing wrong with parents buying their kids a wii. The wii is the most suitable console for kids. The PS3 and 360 have far more adult oriented games when compared to the wii. There are way to many little kids playing games that they shouldn't be playing, i have found this on live and i am sure that you guys have found this on PSN as well.

wardrox3702d ago

He looks like Moby. That's a good thing.

Nostradavis3702d ago

WAIT! He looks like Moby?!??!!! Recall the video clip, give him time to grow hair in and shoot it again! I demand it.

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The story is too old to be commented.