In a Perfect World...

Xbox games we want to see on the 360 that probably won't happen. Never say never. That's IGN's optimistic, glass-is-half-full take on the top Xbox games that will never -- er, maybe never be made into titles for the next-generation Xbox 360.

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Anerythristic266192d ago

Screw Jade Empire what really confuses me is absolutley no talk of KOTOR 3. That blows my mind when it comes to Bioware.

PS360PCROCKS6192d ago

I don't know most of these games but I posted it simply for a good read

Anerythristic266192d ago

Oh it was a good article. I'm simply confused by the fact that Bioware makes Jade Empire , Knights of the Old Republic and Mass Effect. Now I have not heard one thing about a Knights of the Old Republic 3 , isn't that odd?

Cyclonus6192d ago

Rallisport Challenge 3.....F U, Dice!

Legionaire20056192d ago

How much time does microsoft neglect such a funny title. That game should of been one of the first games to be BC with the 360, but no game developers have to struggle to put it BC 1 year later. They should have a sequel to this game. I disargee with Jade Empire, because it was too short with little to come back to. The Critics overrated this game at IGN by giving it a 9.9,which is way too high. If they are going to give a 7 hour game 9.9 then why can't good games like Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay(running at 10 hours worth)get that score? It was much better than Jade Empire, and if it had a deathmatch it would overshadow Halo 2's deathmatch.

Legionaire20056192d ago

Obsidian Entertainment(I think that's how you spell there name)is creating it like they did with KOTOR 2. Don't worry Luke Skywalker and the whole entourage will be coming back. Yes I said it the whole Shabang!!!!

The Real Deal6191d ago

I hope there will be a Kotor 3. I loved the first two for the original xbox. Great Games.

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