In a Perfect World...

Xbox games we want to see on the 360 that probably won't happen. Never say never. That's IGN's optimistic, glass-is-half-full take on the top Xbox games that will never -- er, maybe never be made into titles for the next-generation Xbox 360.

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Anerythristic266575d ago

Screw Jade Empire what really confuses me is absolutley no talk of KOTOR 3. That blows my mind when it comes to Bioware.

PS360PCROCKS6575d ago

I don't know most of these games but I posted it simply for a good read

Anerythristic266575d ago

Oh it was a good article. I'm simply confused by the fact that Bioware makes Jade Empire , Knights of the Old Republic and Mass Effect. Now I have not heard one thing about a Knights of the Old Republic 3 , isn't that odd?

Cyclonus6575d ago

Rallisport Challenge 3.....F U, Dice!

Legionaire20056575d ago

How much time does microsoft neglect such a funny title. That game should of been one of the first games to be BC with the 360, but no game developers have to struggle to put it BC 1 year later. They should have a sequel to this game. I disargee with Jade Empire, because it was too short with little to come back to. The Critics overrated this game at IGN by giving it a 9.9,which is way too high. If they are going to give a 7 hour game 9.9 then why can't good games like Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay(running at 10 hours worth)get that score? It was much better than Jade Empire, and if it had a deathmatch it would overshadow Halo 2's deathmatch.

Legionaire20056575d ago

Obsidian Entertainment(I think that's how you spell there name)is creating it like they did with KOTOR 2. Don't worry Luke Skywalker and the whole entourage will be coming back. Yes I said it the whole Shabang!!!!

The Real Deal6574d ago

I hope there will be a Kotor 3. I loved the first two for the original xbox. Great Games.

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Madden NFL 25 New Gameplay Features for PS5, Xbox Series and PC Revealed, Closed Beta Kicks Off

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GamerRN10h ago

Is there anything they can really do to fix this franchise?

just_looken9h ago

Though i agree the truth is that it always sells well and then millions are made in ultimate team.

GamerRN7h ago

Because there is no competition

just_looken4h ago


There was a CFL game to be tossed out crashed and burned but there is other football games just none are official nfl stuff.


Alan Wake 2: Night Springs DLC Review | redabble.

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1nsomniac3d ago

WOW! What an incredible amount of words to say so little.

A bizarre, verbal onslaught "review" that tries so hard to be eloquently whimsical in its writing to cover the fact it doesn't really contain any content. Other than the self explanatory and rehashing what we already know...

Someone's either trying really hard to impress someone at the office or this was written by AI.. Tone it down a bit, It'll give people less of a headache.


Why Metal Gear Solid 3 is the Best Prequel Ever Made

With Metal Gear Solid Delta on its way, we look back to see how the original Snake Eater is the foundation on which the entire Metal Gear series is built and is without doubt the greatest prequel ever made.

just_looken2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

The fact you can kill the end by either changing your console clock or my way when he is on the dock is such a cool Easter egg.

My video/play through i time coded the part of end getting killed at the dock

The river scene with ocelot's dad will also change depending on your kill count

So many things that can change on each playthrough

Oh also the iconic ladder scene always a classic

just_looken2d ago

wait are people upset i gave out spoilers on a 20 year old ps2 game?

Like for real this was on top of alot of charts for sales with so many different versions

SimpleDad2d ago

There are many people (new) that didn't experience the game dude.

just_looken2d ago

It's 20 years old man these new "gamers" are weak

No one here ever turn on a history channel or go to school there are scary spoilers there too.

Getting hate for talking about a 20year old game on a comment section with a article that talks about the 20year old game with spoilers in the article

" original Snake, aka Big Boss, whose DNA was used to create the clones Solid, Liquid and Solidus"

Quick call 911 IGN spoiled the game

Chard2d ago

Wait til he realises there are people born years after MGS3 released who are now getting into mature gaming

just_looken2d ago


I was watching robocop before i grew chest hair are you seriously saying people only play M rated games after they turn 17?

Chard2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

That’s not what I’m saying at all.
Im referring to the weird conclusion you jumped to, which is that anyone who hasn’t played MGS3 by now took too long and are also weak for being bothered by spoilers this long after the original release.

Plenty of people without chest hair will try this remake as their first exposure to MGS3. It’s not somebody’s fault or weakness if they were born in 2010 and had better things to do than play MGS3 prior to this remake. The world doesn’t revolve around you

Aphrodia1d 17h ago

And no one who hasn't played this game yet will know what the hell he's referring too. sensitive, delicate, snowflake.....

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Inverno2d ago

Have an agree, if people haven't bothered playing a 20 year old game and get mad at spoilers then they should stay out of enthusiast posts.

just_looken2d ago

Right and this article has series/game spoilers

Yui_Suzumiya2d ago

I'll call the WHAMBULANCE for the down voters, lol