Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Development Was So Secret, Many At Nintendo Didn’t Know About It

Speaking in his column in Famitsu, Sakurai revealed that they achieved the game’s central conceit of “everyone is here" by keeping the development of the game totally top secret- so secret, in fact, that many at Nintendo didn’t even know about what was going on with the game.

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PhoenixUp96d ago

Kinda like how the original Super Smash Bros was created

DivineAssault 96d ago

At least its a semi new entry. Smash 4.5 in sense instead of it being a straight up port of smash 4. I hope theres cutscenes & new modes. If cramming every character in is the only feature thats different from the wii u, it will be disappointing.

RosweeSon95d ago

If it’s anything like mario kart it’ll be a great improvement to an already incredible game

Gemmol95d ago

Dude go sleep, they already told u its a brand new game and they have a whole bunch of new things to show us up to the release

rockwhynot95d ago

Smash 4.5 what? It's probably running a brand new engine for the new switch.

DivineAssault 95d ago

Your right. It is a new game. Just using assets from the wii u version.

CanadianTurtle95d ago

A lot of people who got to play the game at E3 said it wasn't a "Smash 4.5." It felt like a new Smash game. A lot of aspects of the game haven't been announced yet. There's going to be more character reveals, not just the ones we got at E3. I think they want to reveal them gradually throughout the year. At least I hope so. I agree with you that it'd be disappointing if they just ported the WiiU characters and called it a day.

I'd like to see a Boss Rush mode or something similar to Subspace Emissary. It doesn't have to be an 8 hour campaign like in Brawl, but we need something at least. Smash 4 had that shitty board game that no one played. At least the 3DS version had Smash Run, that was something at least.

King_Noctis94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

Its a new game, bro. Just because the game isn’t numbered, that doesn’t mean it is a port. And fyi, Smash sequels have never been numbered.

Also, how can they reuse asset from the Wii U version if the game is built on an entirely new engine?

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CanadianTurtle95d ago

I'd like to see a "Boss mode" this time around. Smash 4 had nothing when it came to story mode. I'm not saying that we need another subspace emissary that's 8 hours long. A boss rush mode would be just fine.