Gamepyre: XFX 9800GTX+ SLI Video Card Review

Gamepyre writes: "The high-end GeForce 9800GTX video card was originally announced a few short months ago in April of 2008. It seems like a long time ago as the GeForce GTX 280 and HD 4870 cards from NVIDIA and ATI were released and redefined what was the high-end of the video card market and relegated the GeForce 9800GTX to a more mainstream role in the NVIDIA lineup.

ATI's release of the HD 4850 forced NVIDIA to launch an overclocked version of the 9800GTX called the 9800GTX+. XFX is a solid NVIDIA partner with their entire lineup consisting of NVIDIA based video cards. They have released the GeForce 9800GTX+ to fight the under $200 video card market that is dominated by the HD 4850 cards and today's review is on that specific card. Previous reviews showed the new 9800GTX+ cards to be a very viable SLI solution."

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