The 10 Most Popular RPGs on PC, According to the Steam Leak

The recent Steam leak has given us some much-needed insight into how certain games stack up to others in terms of popularity. So, how did your favorite RPG on Steam compare to others?

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kevnb185d ago

title should be most popular on steam, steam might be the biggest online store but its still just one store.

Drithe184d ago

Hurry up and make Witcher 4!

franwex184d ago

I think they said they were done with that franchise.

warriorcase184d ago

They have said they will return to the Witcher at some point but it won't be the Witcher 4 and won't be with Geralt.

brando008184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

Of course it's another random twinfinite series to put out multiple ad-riddled pages. This site has absolutely no integrity.