Xbox Is Coming To gamescom

Major Nelson:

Xbox will be coming to gamescom in Cologne, Germany this August and we'll be bringing a great line up of games from developers around the world.

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SpaceRanger122d ago

They do this tease every couple of months before the controller announcement(s). I doubt it’s anything Xbox Two related.

lxeasy122d ago

my guess is Xbox Elite Controller 2.0

VenomUK122d ago

Oh damn it. I've just ordered an Xbox One X. This is probably a new model with 2TB!

ziggurcat122d ago

That would be my guess, too.

ProjectVulcan122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

Original Elite controller. It's the best controller. Period. It's brilliant to use. Fantastic bit of kit.

It's also the worst controller. It costs a bunch, it WILL break and Microsoft will just tell you to buy a new one as they won't/can't fix it.

Let's hope the updated Elite Controller is better built than the original. The materials were shoddy. It was less reliable than a standard controller but three times the price. Grips fell off, stick mechanisms wore out, D pads failed. Two of mine fell apart and I didn't even use them all that much. They were shocking.

conanlifts121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

An elite controller that is more reliable, fix the drift that can occur and better QC so that bumpers do not break and that the grips actually stay on without slowly peeling off. It is a great controller but there are very few people who have not had a fault after 12 + months of use. Many well before this. So Elite 2.0 is welcome if it addresses the range of issues from the first.

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scofios122d ago

probably controller without aa batteries

lxeasy122d ago

That already have that

SpaceRanger122d ago

The fanbase doesn’t want current battery tech in controllers. Won’t happen.

meka2611122d ago Show
Shineon122d ago

The fanbase loves choice and detest the short battery life thats in ds4,rechargeable batteries are better than replacing a whole controller imo

Poopmist121d ago

I really hate how quickly my ps4 controllers lose battery. I prefer the AA's for my Xbox controllers.

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shiva1121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

Can this be an xbox without disc drive? Cheapest version of xbox one x? Hope they do it.

And regarding internal battery.... As long as they put the same grade of rechargeable battery from "play and charge kit" im fine. Its a premium product and needs premium life.

TheColbertinator122d ago

Kinect 3.0

It is time,John Connor

rainslacker122d ago

Is that the mid-gen upgrade to the Kinect 2.0?

alb1899122d ago

Jajajaja, maybe elite control and headphones

Futureshark122d ago

It's the brand new KINECT!!!

ThoedEssay773122d ago

Lame bro, the Kinect is dead.

bumbleforce122d ago

Xbox one x slim or also known as x1xs

Immorals122d ago

It's pretty damn small as it is


It's already smaller than the S lol

kayoss122d ago

"It's pretty damn small as it is"
Thats why the "xs" stands for Extra Small. X1xtras-small (X1xs)