Sonic Mania Plus Review - Sonic is Good Again, Again | MonsterVine

MonsterVine: "Sonic Mania Plus is the best way to play one of last year’s absolute best games."

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Segata93d ago

Nope. I hated it. I was shocked at how much I hate this game. I heard all the hype and was excited. Not like a Sonic game since Gens. SOmething about this game annoys me in every way.

someone7293d ago

Best Sonic game ever, even surpassing sonic cd. Looking forward to this update, hoping for more of the same. Cleared sonic mania maybe 15 times now, each run feels new.

cha0sknightmare92d ago

I struggle to decide which is better Mania or S3&K. Mania is absolutely awesome though, and plus is great.