Gamepyre: Sid Meiers' Colonization Review

Gameprye writes: "I remember, yet I don't remember Sid Meier's Colonization. I remember having tons of fun and fighting Indians and the Brits; besides that, Colonization is a fuzzy memory.

It must have been over fifteen years ago when the king's greed forced me to arm up and declare my independence. I believe in paying taxes, but just like the founding fathers I don't believe in taxation without representation.

And now, finally, Sid Meier has done something that fans have been asking him to do for a long time: remake Colonization. Modern computers and the new technologies will almost certainly turn the new Colonization into a masterpiece. And when it comes to turn-based strategy games I feel hopeful if it is made by Sid Meier or Stardock. They really know their 4X genre."

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