Microsoft Intends To Launch Next Xbox Before PS5, Says Michael Pachter

Industry analyst Michael Pachter is confident Microsoft will launch their next-gen console before Sony does.

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Srhalo118d ago

He's ignoring all the rumors about PS5, like the fact that dev kits have already been set to developers and the fact that Sony has already been making code updates to Ryzen. As well as the rumors that Navi was designed for PS5 and that it's already started production.

And the whole idea that they are going to push out a new console so close to X seems outrageous. By 2020 the X will have only sold around 8 million units. The upgrade will be fairly small for them and the monetary investments will have been huge.

Personally, I think Microsoft is largely just bluffing and trying to maintain their user base by saying they are making new console before Sony announces their console which will be out first. That's the same thing they did with the x when they announced it almost 2 years early just to talk about it before the Pro.

Either way I don't think it really matters, I think PlayStation will continue it's success into next gen unless Sony themselves do something to damage themselves. PlayStation has international and third party support Microsoft will never have.

ImGumbyDammit117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

Not saying PS5 won't arrive at the same time or even before but, most of those rumors are ridiculous to begin with. Started prodcution? Cross Navi off the list then. It hasn't even been released to OEM testing for a full on GPU level die (not until end of this year). So, an APU level integration is a long way off - not 2019 for sure. So either production has started for something they have guaranteed knowledge of how it will look and two years is to far off for that to happen and a waste (investment waste) or it will not be Navi. I will take the former and expect 2020 Navi styled APU.

Ryzen changes. Both, companies make changes to the CPU end of the APU. Nothing new and that is done in various tests throughout the development stage. Sometimes like all processes those changes stick; sometimes they change the changes. That as rumor is like the rumor that boiling water is hot. No duh!!!

The X is no different then the Pro. There is no difference in 2019 for PS5 or even 2020. Three years of use for the device seems about right for a mid-gen update. Or does Sony get to skate on the issue if their console arrives in 2019. Most buyers like myself, willing to spend $499 on console like the X have a higher rate of disposable income else $249 for the S would have been a choice or keeping are current Xbox base units. We knew that the X device would have a follow up in 3 or so years. So yeah 2020 will be fine with me. I haven't seen any outcry of X owners disappointed about 2020. I have seen PS fanboys trying to make an argument about X being too soon. Not X fans though. Same goes for Pro owners. I rarely see Pro owners worry about 2020 or even 2019. Why? Because they went in knowing it was a mid-gen device. I would replace both my Pro and X without a second thought if they arrived in 2019 or 2020.

"The upgrade will be fairly small for them"
You have a crystal ball? You have seen the X2? If the X2 is similar to the rumored PS5 11 TFLOPS is that really a small jump? What about the Phil's interested in equalizing the CPU power. Would that be a small jump? Monetary investment? How is that any different then the Sony's Pro invesment. We don't know what the investment cost for either was. We don't know what they will take from that investment. Maybe the learned more about construction (see how much smaller the X with that power is compared to the Pro). Maybe the learned about how integration DirectX onto silicon and can advance that in the next console. Both these companies layout future plans of the consoles long before they are even worked on. Sometimes they adjust those plans by changes in the current system or changes in technology in other areas.

derek117d ago

I saw a rumor that Sony isn't going with an apu this time and are targeting a discreet GPU instead

OB1Biker117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

The rumor is Sony got Navi locked for PS5 in 2020 but I believe its also coming to Xbox and therefore.both will launch in the same year (maybe months apart though) If I'm wrong and it's actually locked for Sony then they won't launch at the same time.
Does that make sense?

There are also 3 different Navi GPU being made the highest being for pc so there's that too :/


The xbox1x is smaller because the chips are manufactured on 16nm vs xbox1 at 28nm. This isn't done by microsoft, it's done by whoever makes the chips for AMD, TSMC or Global Foundries. The power upgrade in new consoles is going to depend on how good AMD next gen hardware is, just like the xbox one x power is from newer AMD gpus than the ps4 has

Sevir117d ago

I personally think that MS stating that there is work on a new Gen of XB consoles, was just to get the news out there, Developers have already confirmed that they have Games coming exclusively to Next Gen.

Also, Sony's own Shawn Layden confirmed that a Next Generation PS is in Development but it will be some time before they can announce, the fact that PS4 first party software support/ releases will continue till 2021, and the fact that Sony and AMD are currently doing console specific updates to Ryzen and that the exclusive use of Navi CPUs for a Next Generation PS all says that it's not just MS who's gearing up for the next generation.

Given the fact that both companies will dragging from a pool of technology that will be readily available gives us insight into the fact that they're targetting both the high end and are on the same launch frame.

My guess, and a sure one at that is late 2019/ early2020 will be the year of console announcements. With a Fall 2020 release date.

Because 1 Sony won't let MS launch a console before them to kick start a generation again, and 2 Sony can't get complacent given their success this generation.

Given that both these consoles will be high end the first to announce and show forth the fruits of the labor, dominates the conversation, and will likely be the market leader...

It's also why, the PS4 Pro even tho weaker than the XBO still sells better as the Defacto mid gen console!

conanlifts117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

Spencer mentioned that he confirmed work on a new xbox due to rumurs that the X will be their last console and rumours they might exit the console market. He wanted to confirm their long term commitment to Xbox.

Smokingunz117d ago

I agreed with everything u said until u got to the last paragraph, the pro isn't selling more than the x its the other way around. The base ps4 is selling more though however.

gobluesamg116d ago

That's why the Pro sells better huh? It doesn't matter when Sony pulls the trigger. Their console will sell better world wide. I shouldn't have to list the reasons why.

Smokingunz117d ago

U sound delusional, Microsoft has the money to bully Sony and devs like they did last gen. The best playstation 3 without Japan even with their worldwide sales in other countries now that's impressive and something Sony probably was ashamed about. Even a large number of Sony fans bought a 360 last gen (though they'll never admit it) and sales showed that. Microsoft damaged themselves this gen that's what cost them. If they use the same strategy as 360 and with the right man in charge, funding and games they will beat Sony again. Only difference between the two companies Sony has been consistent since the ps1 days where has MS dropped the ball withers xbone. U think they cant learn from their mistake like Sony did with the ps3? We'll see. O wouldn't worry about the next box just keep playing your ps4 in anticipation for the 5

gobluesamg116d ago

The only mistake Sony made with the PS3 was the initial price. It sold better every year and eventually over took the 360. That's with counting red ring repeat buyers. So they have never beaten Sony and never will. Quality wins.

XiNatsuDragnel118d ago

PS5 is coming in 2019 according mw4 job listings.

darthv72117d ago

I'm feeling 2020 with a possible 2021 for the next xbox. it's okay if they offset their schedules like before.


I hope so, Even though MS will leave this gen with the Stronger Hardware, I feel like they jumped the gun in 2013. Every viable leak resource stated PS4 would use 4gb of GDDR5 and even in the concept blueprints. MS went with slower DDR3 but 8gb and when Sony revealed 8gb of GDDR5, that put the whole MS camp in shock. I think MS learned not to jump the gun again on Hardware. MS has always wanted to be the "Powerhouse" even if their 1st party line up is lacking, I hope they wait and see what Sony does first this time around so they can get back to being a worthy competitor again

Sevir117d ago

GUTz, MS was hardly the reason why Sony went with 8gb... The PS4 was initially only going to use 4GB because at the time, 8GB stacks weren't available in bulk, Orbis toolkits were in circulation and Devs were reporting that yields is good for memory bandwidth, but would severely cripple the console in years past launch! Randy Pitchford of Gearbox litterally Called Mark Cerny and told him that if the PS4 DOESNT SHIP with 8gb, it will be dead and plateau in 2 years tops.

This was about November 2012, by December that year, they found a solution with stacking the Memory modules in 2s, on the motherboard, and ran internal tests with First party studios, which was why when Mark Cerny was proud to announce that "PS4 Kits are now shipping with 8GBs instead of the aforementioned 4" ...

stefan_771117d ago

PS5 is coming in 2021 according to the head of Sony Interactive

darthv72117d ago

no, what he said was they would continue to support PS4 through to 2021. Everyone knows Sony always has an overlap of new platform with existing platform so expect it to either be the end of 2019 or 2020 at the latest. Ps4 will continue to get support for at least the first year of the PS5 on the market like they have done with all their previous platforms.

stefan_771117d ago


He said they would focus on PS4 until 2021 then "crouch down and prepare to leap into the future" in the lead up to March 2021. That cannot possibly mean anything other than a PS5 announcement in 2021

OB1Biker117d ago

It was the press getting carried away about PS5 while he was talking about Sony as a whole and more specifically about money. We all know a new launch doesn't make any money so you see the benefit only later

FinalFantasyFanatic117d ago


They said they wouldn't focus on major hardware until 2021, that pretty much confirms the earliest release date. Ryzen 3rd gen and Navi don't come out any earlier than 2019, 2019 as a release date is absolutely impossible.

darthv72117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

you guys are confusing things. Their use of the term focus implies that is what they will be directing their attention to in full. That does not mean they will stop one and THEN start the other. They have NEVER done that in the nearly 25 years of systems. They ALWAYS do an overlap with the first year or so supporting both previous and new platforms.

2021 will be the year they stop supporting the PS4 with new titles and "focus" their attention on the PS5, which will have launched by 2020. Making that their main "focus" going forward, no more looking back at the Ps4 to split their time and efforts.

It is what they did with PS1-PS2, PS2-PS3 and PS3-PS4. They always have an overlap before they finally decide to stop one and focus on the other.

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FinalFantasyFanatic117d ago

Not a chance in hell, remember the Sony reports, no earlier than 2020 or 2021.

darthv72117d ago

2020 will be the launch of the PS5 and by 2021 support for new titles (from Sony and its subsidiaries) for PS4 will halt making the PS5 their primary focus.

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zodiac909117d ago

True, but I feel bad for the folks who invested in an Xbox One S

annoyedgamer117d ago

Or those like me who wated $500 on the OG X1. I would much rather have the X right now.

Kakashi Hatake117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

There's a huge trade off in time there, 4 whole years ... Never understood the rant against buying launch consoles. Wait til the end of the gen to purchase them and the next one starts...

Aceman18117d ago

I just bought the S from Amazon because it's not a huge hit, and I won't feel like I've wasted 500 on a console I'll barely play.

And b4 anyone asks I bought it because I'm use to owning all the consoles. I had the OG xbox one but sold it

Christopher117d ago

Why? Do you feel sorry for people who bout a 360 slim as well? People who waited to get an S will likely wait to get the 'S' version of the next generation system as well.

Xb1ps4117d ago

Aww You feel bad for others how thoughtful.. I feel bad for people that invested in the PlayStation 1, og Xbox and a Super Nintendo.. I mean why do these console makers keep moving forward?

I also feel bad for all those people that bought a car this year know damn well that next year will be a new model. Now that I think of it... should we really be buying anything it’s only going to be so drepressing with everyone feeling so so bad.

Mystogan117d ago

I'm getting an X this year and whatever comes next in 2 years. I won't be missing anything since every game that comes out for the Nextbox will be playable on an X. Not sure about an S but X will definitely still be supported.

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Ausbo117d ago

I don’t think that’s smart. They need the most powerful console in the market. Launch alongside ps5 and have clear messaging and maybe they can regain a lot of that 360 market share

Kakashi Hatake117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

You say that as if Sony didn't have the marketshare with PS2. PS4 just took back what they lost with PS3 which was even with 360 despite releasing a year later. If you're talking specifically about US then you have a point.

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rainslacker117d ago

Chances are, MS is going to be somewhat aware of what Sony is going to have in their console. At least to some degree. Maybe not exact specs, but enough to make a comparable console. Industry trade secrets aren't always secret, and MS has people that can research, so they can make their console to be what they feel is necessary to compete.

MS won't know what all Sony may focus on to compete on their side though, which is where it can become a gamble to try and one up the competition. It's usually better to make your own way, and have a clear vision for how you want the future to progress. MS didn't seem to have that ready when they announced the X1, or if they did, they certainly had no idea how to get people on board.

OB1Biker117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

Is it plausible that Navi 10 and 14 are being made for Sony and Ms? Possibly two models each or one is releasing a few months before the other company?

Genuine questions, I don't really know what I'm talking about here
Navi 10 seems to be early 2020 release.

FinalFantasyFanatic117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

Keeping the price point in mind, it should be pretty easy to make a reasonable guess on what specs they'll probably use, we know Sony is unlikely to go over the magic figure of $399 like they did with the ps3.

I think MS had a clear vision at the start but got a slap in the face when there was a massive uproar about how anti-consumer they were during the reveal of the xone (hencet the backtracking), I think they're chasing a service model moreso than anything now which has them heading in a completely different direction to Sony and Nintendo.

derek117d ago

Playstation is the stronger brand world wide it's not even close. Microsoft needs to establish themselves as a great/consistent first party developer so their brand can grow beyond what was established by the 360. I'm not convinced MS is really in it for the long haul especially if they dont increase their market share next gen.

Mystogan117d ago

I think they're going to spend an insane amount of money to ensure they have the most powerful console again and it will be an even bigger gap than Pro vs X, Money that Sony can never dream to spend on a console. That's why they're so confident that they'll have the power advantage again.

Tazzy116d ago

They won't gain their 360 market and it's because PC gamers had to buy an Xbox 360 to play Microsoft games now they don't so their market is gone bye bye PC gamers will buy Microsoft games for PC now.

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