Devil May Cry 5 Will Be the "Peak of Action Games," says Capcom

Hideaki Itsuno and Capcom producers have given us some more details about Devil May Cry 5. The game will have a focus on photo-realism, and the background music will change with combo attacks, as well as a few other teasers about the story.

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TheOptimist92d ago

I am hoping it will. Bring the character action genre to it's roots. We are in dire need of Ninja Gaidens and Devil May Crys.

CrimsonWing6992d ago

Man, I wish there'd be a new Ninja Gaiden...

naruga91d ago

can at least include an original (optional at least) DMC4 skin for Nero and Dante ??/ i cant stand playing with hobo Dante and cretine Nero as they appear in DMC5 trailer

PrinceVegeta91d ago

I hope so too, but it needs to be a proper successor to NG 2 with the gore and difficulty and the combos. Something seriously lacking in NG 3.

TimelessDbz92d ago

NInja gaiden 2 for xbox 360 was the peak of action games IMO. The way the blood came out and the obliteration looked plus the depth behind every weapon was just spot on. Even the boss fights had a nice tempo.

jeremyj291392d ago

I agree with all but the boss fights. They still had that annoying random invulnerability like the bosses in the first game. Made boss fights more cumbersome than they needed to be.

mgszelda192d ago (Edited 92d ago )

We have had bayonetta, nier Automata and the rest of platinum games

jeremyj291392d ago

I loved the hell out of Bayonetta but it just never got to a certain level for me. The combos being so floaty took a lot of getting used to. I don't usually like dial-a-combos but the fact that you could dodge and do uppercuts opened up options.

TheOptimist91d ago

I personally don't think modern platinum games except maybe Metal Gear Rising Revengeance come anywhere close to the depth of Ninja Gaiden and the older DMC games.

jeremyj291392d ago

Diiiiiire need! I've had fun branching out to other genres but I really wanna go home. Where I grew up. Lol

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ShockUltraslash92d ago

They are talking about mechanical depth and complexity.
If the creator of DMC4 and DMC3 really gets full budget to do his thing then this will be another masterpiece.

jeremyj291392d ago

My only worry so far is that there was a leak saying that Nero and Dante play similarly to how they did in DMC4. I'm hoping that just means mechanics wise but since Nero had already been shown with the same combos...I'm kinda scared we'll have DMC3 Dante for the 3rd time.

The_Hooligan91d ago

In my opinion DMC3 is the best DMC game and also the best version of Dante. Let's see if they show some more in depth gameplay at Gamecom.

saimcheeda92d ago

By next year I will have waited 11 years for this. Should be a great game!

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The story is too old to be commented.