10 SEGA Genesis Games That Need To Be Resurrected

Cultured Vultures: Grady puts on his best set of nostalgia goggles, and looks back at 10 SEGA Genesis that deserve a second chance, or third in some cases.

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PhoenixUp91d ago

There’s already an Earthworm Jim HD. That thumbnail is irrelevant for this topic

Relientk7791d ago

Comix Zone
Earthworm Jim
Golden Axe
Blades of Vengeance
Crusader of Centy
Sunset Riders
Alien Storm

isarai91d ago

Besides the obvious Streets of Rage, i'd LOVE to see Beyond Oasis get a new game

Runechaz91d ago

You can add to the list Phantasy Star ( the original jrpg), and Shining Force ( not the action crap they have release)