Star Citizen backer loses court case for $4,500 refund

Arbitration clause in end-user license agreement protects developer RSI from refund claims in court

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Srhalo93d ago

Why would you pay $4,500 for a video game... he learned a valuable lesson.

RSI is running a huge con job.

showtimefolks93d ago

Actually no there is a game you can play right now that is updated all the time with over 100 developers. I know this game gets a lot of flake but anyone who actually does some research will realize what they are trying to do is on a scale never done before

It would be a con if you couldn't play the game and enjoy it

Ashlen93d ago

A game with 100 developers is nothing special. The only thing RSI is doing that's unique is running a perpetual beta with extremely overpriced backer items that prey on people.

Azurite92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

More than 500 atm.

tontontam092d ago

yeah a perfect business model, I hope that other devs won't copy their development model.

I can imagine how carefree RSI's employees are in their offices, living the life, no deadlines , constant stream of money from backers, no pressure on making a design mistake because they'll just say that "the game is still in development, current build does not represent the final build". they don't even have to worry about sales and with the money they have they can even stop the development right now and claim that this is the final game.

sinspirit92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

People don't want to bother looking into the game. They just look at the money it costs and what the beta has in it. They don't see all the tech demos and the weekly streams and daily updates that the company provides as proof of concept. They have already said that this is a very long process to deliver what they want to do. They didn't have prior assets and materials to work with. It's not a studio prepared for a 3 or 4 year game, and they are pushing for more detail and intricate mechanics than a standard 4 year title. Study the game, watch a couple weekly updates, and watch the live demos.

They are working on so many things on a very high level of quality. They just aren't fully realized and in the beta yet. It's probably why they decided to develop Squadron 42 alongside SC.

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plmkoh93d ago

TBH you can rant on about why these people do these things, but these type of games target the most vulnerable of people or perhaps people with social issues.

The person who paid has some sort of sickness, so it is clear SC has a system of manipulative backer bait.

psuedo92d ago

Actually the guy who this article is about has some sort of disability and can't play twitch shooters. He liked whatever the original space simulator these guys did. Still that much money is crazy. It sounds pay to win. Buy the strongest ship and never die.

nitus1093d ago

While I do agree that Star Citizen appears to be a con job I can understand an investment (probably a bad choice of a word here) if you the investor would get a share of the profits from the general sale of the game.

Of course before investing in anything it would pay to do your homework first. Unfortunately, some people don't check, but to be fair even what could be considered a solid investment if the managers of said investment are corrupt or just flippant with the money then people (and it is usually the small investor) lose money.

rainslacker92d ago

It's not an investment at all. It's preordering a game with no guarantee of delivery or chance of getting your money back.

If call it a gamble, because at least with investment, you do have potential to get more than you put in in return. No matter how big this game.may be, the going price for aaa games is about $60

gapecanpie92d ago

I like how everyone saying he shouldn't have given that much in the first place and saying he must be crazy or sick.... What's funny to me is I feel the same way about anyone paying $60 for one video game and paying to play onlune..... Main reason why I switched over to pc gaming so much better in everyway and yet cheaper in the long run and total year to year cost.

MoonConquistador92d ago

You're right, that is damn funny when you put it like that/s

Get over yourself

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ArchangelMike93d ago

Why on earth would you part with $4500 for a game that is still in development?

raWfodog93d ago

The money was going towards the development of the game as it was announced back in 2013. The guy was suing because he claims it has since morphed into something that he would be unable to play.

JohnnyPremo92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

You guys have to remember money value is different to everybody. $4500 could be nothing to some. Some might look at some buying games for $60 as crazy. Besides its his money to spend. Who are you to judge.

uth1192d ago

if it was nothing to him, he wouldn't be suing

quenomamen93d ago

PT Barnum was right, sucker born everyday

Psychotica93d ago

Ridiculous, a lot more worthwhile places to donate money than for a video game

showtimefolks93d ago

That could be saud about a lot of things right. Look at these celebrities buying 200k watches I mean a $10 watch can tell you time or better yet you have a phone

MWH93d ago

At that price tag it's not a watch anymore, it's called a Time Piece mind you.

Ashlen93d ago

Most people would call those celebrities stupid too...

KwietStorm93d ago

So sell every game you've ever paid for and give your money to charity instead.

MetroidFREAK2193d ago

Lol saw this coming a mile away

rdgneoz393d ago

They had another article a few days ago that explained things more clearly:

" As for CIG, who sent a representative of their interests, they were able to successfully argue that the arbitration clause present in the current TOS should be applied to transactions that occurred before it existed, despite the very first sentence of the Star Citizen TOS stating otherwise.

“These Terms of Service (TOS) do not affect any transactions made before its effective date. All prior transactions are governed by the TOS in effect on the date of such transactions .”

This in effect means that Firefly212 lost their case. It was dismissed by the judge and sent to arbitration as demanded by the current version of the Star Citizen TOS. Considering that the current TOS effectively removes all rights to refunds it’s probably safe to say that Firefly212 won’t be getting their money back."

So there was a chance he could have gotten his money back, though the judge ruled in favor of CIG even with the TOS stating: “These Terms of Service (TOS) do not affect any transactions made before its effective date. All prior transactions are governed by the TOS in effect on the date of such transactions.” Not all judges or politicians care about people over big corporations.

mkis00792d ago

Ya ridiculous they cancapply it retroactively

Cobra95192d ago

That's an error in law by the trial court, which means it would get overturned on appeal (by a competent appellate court). But who's going to pay for the appeals process over $4500?

rainslacker92d ago

Arbitration doesn't mean he still can't sue if he doesn't agree to the outcome.of the arbitration. It's a lot of work for an individual though, and he would like lose more trying to sue than he would gain back.

Still....If he can spend 4500 on a video game that has no actual value since it's a digital game, then he may have enough money to pursue it on principal. Thinks like that are nice, because forced binding arbitration in TOS are BS.

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