GameZone: Brothers In Arms Double Time Review

GameZone writes: "If you're a Wii fan looking for a first-person shooter to play through during this dry spell of "AAA" titles on the console, you best avoid Brothers in Arms: Double Time. Instead of providing Wii gamers an unique Brothers in Arms experience of their own (Xbox 360 and PS3 have Brother in Arms: Hells Highway), Ubisoft opted to dig through their back catalogue and release their two Brothers in Arms titles for the Xbox and PS2 – Road to Hill 30 and Earned in Blood – three years later on the Wii. The results are less than favorable for anyone who remotely likes first-person shooters.

What do Wii owners get with their first Brothers in Arms titles? Well first off, they receive updated ports from the PS2 versions that suffer from terrible enemy AI. Both titles have dumber-than-a-spoon computer AI on the enemy front and for your allies. Ordering your units (a major attribute of the Brothers in Arms series) is a pain in the butt and shouldn't be this big of a hassle. Stripping the fun right out of game, the enemy AI is easily the worst part of this compilation set."

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mastiffchild3647d ago

And yet again more undiluted effluent for Wii owners from the arrogant nits over at Ubisoft. as if the sick crimes of the past two years weren't enough(Red Steel; derailing one of the biggest Wii hype trains yet with it's stilted delivery and wayward shooting)they think the way beck into Nintendo fans hearts should be a port of a pair of old Xbox games that are way inferior to the originals with tacked on controls-what a shocker. Honestly , they treat us better on other platforms but on Wii games they should be avoided like an ebola ridden hooker wearing a badly wired bomb belt. Turd pushers.