Demon's Souls Remaster Speculation is Just That

From PlayStation Universe: "Is a Demon's Souls Remaster on the cards for Bluepoint Games? Sadly the evidence points away from that, but there is a better idea of what that classic game remaster could be."

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thatguyhayat187d ago

I would rather they do the ps2 classics. There's a few that needs to be seen again... Cough* legend of dragoon *cough

firelogic187d ago

Legend of Dragoon is PS1.

nitus10187d ago

Not only Legend of Dragoon is PS1 but all PS3's can play the game if you have the media.

naruga187d ago

i say leave Demon Souls as it is there is no need for reamstering this masterpiece ...

BlaqMagiq1187d ago

It needs to be remastered. It deserves a second chance after the Souls craze. Plus, it could run at 1080p/60fps and the servers would be on. With the Souls popularity at its peak, now is the perfect time for it.

MajorLazer187d ago

I would kill for a remaster

DarXyde187d ago

Oh, totally. Valley of Defilement ran soooooo well.

There's no reason not to remaster it since they've gone and remastered the first two games in the Dark Souls franchise.

iofhua187d ago

I'm glad I got to play online and do a few invasions before the servers went down. It's sad to see such an awesome game lay down to die. Part of me wants to do another playthrough, but it won't be the same without the ghosts and messages.

I hope there is a rerelease or remaster or something at some point in the future.

salmonade187d ago

Demon's Souls is my favourite game of all time.
I played it on PS3 when it came out. It changed me as a gamer forever.

MajorLazer187d ago

+10000000000000. This game is honestly perfection, my favourite PS3 title of all time, possibly my favourite overall. What a ****ing game!

nitus10187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

No, I would not say the game is perfection (no game is) unless you are looking at it through "rose tinted glasses". However, IMHO the game is still a very good game and like the Original Dark Souls it should be remastered and the servers switched back on again.

Of course like all Souls games you can play without the online component but (again MHO) that online capability does add to the playability of the game.

BlaqMagiq1187d ago

If it's not that, I hope Metal Gear Solid 1 or Mass Effect Trilogy is what they're working on.