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Medcom writes: "Awesome! This is my response to Detroit: Become Human. This game managed to offer a fairly realistic picture of the future. "

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gillri96d ago

'This game managed to offer a fairly realistic picture of the future' Yeah of course, creating androids completely indistinguishable from Humans (aside from their clothing & LED light) in little over 20 years time, and for under $10000 isnt even close to 'realistic'
I mean we are about 1000 years of that at least and even if they did create that in the time of the game it would cost about $10000000

ameliabaz96d ago

Apart from the androids, I'd say the rest of Detroit's future is pretty accurate. The autonomous cars, peoples' over-reliance on technology, people losing jobs to technology and modernization, and entire communities being demolished for modern infrastructure and public transport.

obidanshinobi96d ago

I'm late to the party with this game, picked it up on the weekend after completing God of War and I'm loving it so far, probably about 1/3 in.

I find it odd how unemployed drug addicts that live in a shithole can afford an android, but still the game's a blast.
I like winding up Hank as Conner and generally being a shitty partner to him.