How One Character Became Detroit: Become Human's Only Saving Grace

Let's get one thing straight: Detroit: Become Human is chock-full of flaws.

There are three saving graces in this game: the graphics and music throughout the game, and the concept of Connor's branch of the story.

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ninsigma91d ago

Yeah the game was good but without Conor would have been fairly unexciting.

ameliabaz91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

I didn't mind Kara and Markus' story as much as the author did, but Connor's story is where the game shines. I agree that it was because I had more control over him as a character than the other two. Kara is always protective of Alice (even if you act cold towards her) and Markus is always fighting for equal rights (regardless of whether he chooses to be violent or peaceful), but Connor could be anything I wanted him to be - a cold machine who only wanted to complete his mission, a snarky smartass who enjoyed riling up Hank, or a kind empathetic person who values the life of both humans and androids. I could mould his personality, and his relationship with Hank, from the very beginning. I got so excited whenever a Connor chapter started.