A Possible Solution To Microsoft's Storage Dilemma?

That Gaming Site writes: "With rumours about Metal Gear Solid 4 coming to the Xbox 360 and developers complaining about the Xbox 360's storage limitations, we ask, what can Microsoft do?"

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3746d ago

What can Microsoft do?

Leave the console business and get back to making grills

NBA09TheInsideFlop3746d ago

says the last place loser of this gen. in your dreams!

Fox013746d ago

God, you're dumb. You aren't worth the rope it would take to hang yourself

hitthegspot3746d ago

Give me a break. You still need to get the game onto the drive and that would require multiple DVDs. Another Blog looking for hits...

Elven63746d ago

Good to know you take time to read and understand articles.

It never claims use a USB HDD, it claims a game can be put onto a USB device for playback on the Xbox 360. It never says anything about the consumer doing such a thing, only the developers.

Good job!

aceitman3746d ago

havent you heard already and for the last time metal gear 4 solid going to the 360 has been put to rest again its not going to the 360 ...... and you can not run games on external hard drives and not too metion developers are complaining about dvd space and mainly about live space limit put on by microsoft and no im no fanboy i own all systems hand held and home systems yes the wii which is collecting dust big time

Gondee3745d ago

This would not work with current USB drives.

The way usb drives are made is that they sacerfice length of use for storage. The larger the stick, the more closly placed the cells are. And because they are in blocks. That entire block must be modified by an electrical current. a non SLC stick wont last more then 100k reads. and even thats pushing it if you write back.

they would have to put it on the hard drive for this to be remotely possable

Elven63745d ago

aceitman: You have completly missed the point of this article, It looks like all you did was read the title and "metal gear solid 4, Xbox 360" and gave your opinion.

Gondee: Your right it will have it's limitations, but the USB port is really the only solution Microsoft has if they decide to do something about the complaints.

aceitman3745d ago

uh huh elvin did you read my whole statement uh no i read YOUR article all the WAY and if you did what i did read all of what i said you will see that with rumors of metalgear solid 4 coming to the 360 you decide to go from that to microsoft neening more space which i spoke about im not going to say it again just read the whole statment that i wrote

Elven63745d ago

aceitman: It makes no sense! All your questions are answered in the post, it goes over the storage limitations, it goes over WHAT is needed for games to be run off a USB device, I really don't know what more I can say, your questions are already answered in the article.

shovelbum3745d ago

I think that there really isn't a storage issue in the eyes of MS. If there was, then they would seek to rectify the problem, Blu or otherwise. I believe the next xbox console will hit sooner than expected and that is why MS just shrugs off the storage issue if there is one.

hitthegspot3745d ago

So a big game costs $60 + the costs of a USB drive? No way never. I don't own a PS3 but this is a little far fetched. I have Blue Dragon and I actually like throwing in a new CD. It's a feeling of accomplishment.

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Sena Kobayakawa3746d ago

just give The MGS4 rumours already. this is getting old and this is feeding the trolls.

im of to another thread with my MAX SPEED!!!

Elven63746d ago

Now I can definitely tell you didn't read the article!

Sena Kobayakawa3746d ago

That Gaming Site writes: "With rumours about Metal Gear Solid 4 coming to the Xbox 360 and developers complaining about the Xbox 360's storage limitations, we ask, what can Microsoft do?"

this is the reason why i said the MGS4 line.

Elven63746d ago

Yes, in reference to the fact that MGS 4 is a huge game, the actual article says nothing about MGS 4 being ported to the 360 aside from the what if sentence on top.

Fishy Fingers3746d ago

USB stick? That's the best they could come up with? Do they realise how much more expensive a 10gb+ USB stick is than a DVD. Let alone 50gb.

Elven63746d ago

Prices come down rapidly, plus if such a system is devised no other method would be avialable other then something that uses the USB port.

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