About: T-Mobile G1: The First Google Phone (Mostly) Impresses Review

About writes: "The more time I spend with the T-Mobile G1 smartphone-the first phone based on Google's Android platform-the more I like it. And that's a good thing, because the T-Mobile G1 does not make a great first impression: The phone itself looks a bit bland and boxy. But the G1's secret weapon is the Google Android software platform, which provides enough functionality to make the G1 a real iPhone rival.

The G1 will be available from T-Mobile on October 22 for $179 (when you sign a new two-year service agreement). T-Mobile is offering two G1-specific data plans; a $25 plan offers unlimited Web and e-mail access, plus 400 messages, while a $35 plan offers unlimited Web, e-mail, and messaging. You'll also need a voice plan to make calls, so you should plan on spending at least another $30 per month on that."

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