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Blast Away the Game Review Writes: "JRPG’s are a particularly hard set of games to review, not because they may have a grind hidden beneath their surface, small tidbits of sidequests tossed into the mix to keep things fresh, but rather, because there’s a lot to them when you piece them together through previously established titles – if they have any.

That’s where the Shining series comes into place. Much like the well-established franchises Atelier and Tales of, the Shining series is nothing new to prolonged stories and classic JRPG elements such as grinding for experience and items needed in order to progress the story further once a specified goal has been met. However, for those hankering for a taste of what Shining Resonance had to offer on the PS3 had to import the game or wait until its remastering as Shining Resonance Refrain for PC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch."

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