World of Warcraft Drops Paid Expansions for a Subscription-Only Model

World of Warcraft, the king of MMORPGs, doesn't need you to buy its expansions anymore. If you have a subscription, the entire world is your oyster.


Admin note: only includes past expansions, not the upcoming expansion.

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Ashlen92d ago

You couldn't pay me to play WoW but sounds like a move in the right direction.

TheDriz92d ago

I’m sure you would take the money

ChrisW91d ago

I'd be willing to play it if I were paid... I mean, paid V-E-R-Y well!!!

Tried the free 7-day trial nearly (10 years ago now)... Here's my experience if I recall correctly:

First village guy says, "I need 10 rabbits' feet" (1:10 drop) and you receive 1 potion. Then the next village guy says, "I need 10 potions." (Ugh did that...). Then the next guy wants you to kill wolves and collect pelts (1:20 drop) and gives you something (forgot, don't care). The next guy wants 10 of that thing you just got... Okay, argh! Hmmm... Let's fight that bad guy in the cave to see if we can advance faster, skipping this petty stuff. Killed him. He drops something. The next village guy says that he wants 10 of those... And... F'K this crap! DELETE! Don't care if it get's better after the initial grind! F'K this crap!!!

So, yeah... Pay me and I'll play it. Seriously, It's that kind of game. Anyone who pays to play it is a fool!

aarogree92d ago

I've been wanting that for a LONG time.

joab77792d ago

It’s HUGE for player count. If all you have to do is pay the sub to go back and try it out, many more who may not have played in awhile may jump back in.

bradfh91d ago

only the old expansions are free you still need to buy new expansion and plus subscription fee.

rainslacker92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

Yeah. there was always a large number of people who didn't upgrade when a expansion launched, and it disrupted some leveling and raiding early on.

I stopped playing a while ago, and being behind a few expansions now, I wouldn't really want to make the investment to get up to speed if I wanted to play again. I did once with Pandera when they had a special for that expansion, and played for about a month and remembered why I stopped playing in the first place.....which was because it was too much of a time sink.

Snookies1292d ago

Except the newest one apparently... I mean, they did this just before Draenor, or was it Pandaria? Not sure which expansion it was, but they did the exact same thing from what I recall. It's really nothing new.

Furesis92d ago

i think u still had to buy the base game and then the sub. now its only sub and the latest expansion i think. oh and the title is wrong "Subscribe to WoW and Play Every Expansion Through Legion!" from blizzards website so not all expansions

Thunder_G0d_Bane92d ago

Correct. Can’t wait for bfa to launch. Still the best mmo by far.

threefootwang92d ago

It's definitely not new. I played WoW during Cata, then stopped. My battlechest received both MoP and WoD for free. I paid for Legion when it came out because it caught my attention .

PapaBop92d ago

Pretty sure Blizzard do this at the start of every new expansion giving new players a more accessible entry route to the newest expansion.. I can't see them doing future expansions for free for those who are subscribed. Why would you offer a product for free when you know you can charge full price and sell 10m+ copies still?

BlacKJesu592d ago

I play eso...its so you invite your friend to play

kevnb92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

smart, I imagine its quite confusing for some newcomers.

aarogree92d ago

And murderous on the wallets.

rainslacker92d ago

You can often get the base game, and up to all but the past expansion for around $30-40....sometimes $20 when they have specials.

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The story is too old to be commented.