Octopath Traveler (Nintendo Switch) Review - Cubed3

Cubed3: Octopath Traveler is an extremely satisfying storytelling experience vastly different from other traditional JRPGs out there. The eight stories followed over the course of the game are all compelling in different ways, and each is engrossing in different ways. The combat is simple, yet nuanced, and building party compositions never stops being a fun exercise as the adventure presents each new challenge. The pacing does have some small missteps here and there, especially as the world opens up between each major act, but it's a tiny hurdle in an otherwise magnificent experience.

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NecrumOddBoy120d ago

I really think it's incredible how simple the system is revolving each character and their abilities, however it's super deep. This is an amazing fan letter to 30 years of JRPG master craft.