Forza Horizon 4 Shows Off Autumn, Online Play, the World Map, and More

Forza Horizon 4 developer Playground Games is dishing new info via a series of livestreams. Get the lowdown on autumn, Forzathon, and more!

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mcstorm2163d ago

I agree. PG for me are now the kinds of racing games. Love GT and FM but FH sets the standard in pure fun racing games with content unmatched by any of racing game.

Jackhass2163d ago

Yeah, it's rare I get too excited about a racing game, but this one looks special.

-T9X-69-2163d ago

Agreed! They did a great job with the FH3 PC version for their first attempt and they didn't take too long address the few issues it did have. Think I'm going to go with the Ultimate Edition again. FH3 was well worth it and I REALLY enjoyed the expansion packs. MS was smart for acquiring PG when they did. They're one hell of a talented group.

2ndhandcorn2162d ago

I hardly got through much of horizon 3 it is so huge then F7 dropped have 12 races to go lol took me a year to rack up the 50 hours to complete the singleplayer . These games all are such good value been a fan since Forza will never skip them i find Halo and Gears similar as well longevity with the co op and multi.

mark_parch2162d ago

wow playground games really know how to make a stunning open world. this game looks incredible and after getting 100% on fh3 I know I'm going to get my moneys worth with this

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Evercade Piko Interactive Collection 4 review - Games Asylum

Games Asylum: "As Forest Gump once mumbled, “Life is a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” The same is also true for Piko Interactive collections, with Piko merely being a license holder – whenever they’re involved, you never know which games are going to appear. It’s a very different case from something like Worms Collection, or the Bitmap Brothers Collection – a five game cart with three of those being iterations of Speedball. Yeah, we’re still bitter."

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darthv729h ago

I really like what evercade is doing with these compilation carts. I cant quite get behind their new alpha tabletop units though... maybe they will grow on me.


Returnal Beginning of a "New Future" at Housemarque, Is the Game That "Allowed" Studio to Join Sony

According to Housemarque, Returnal marks the beginning of a "new future" at the studio, and is the game that them to join Sony.

fr0sty1d 6h ago (Edited 1d 6h ago )

Returnal was fantastic, and I'm looking forward to seeing what these folks create with Sony in the future.

Abear211d 3h ago

I’m ready for the sequel

Storm2312h ago

Ithas been my favorite experience of this generation so far I think. Can't wait to see what Housemarque is working on now.

jznrpg1d 6h ago

They make some fun arcade styles games. Returnal is one of the best games so far this generation. I wonder what is next

amobius1d 5h ago

returnal is easily one of the most underrated games this gen. a lot of people with ps5s dont know it exists.

fr0sty1d 3h ago

And it exists for free if you subscribe to PS+ Extra or Premium.

Kornholic21h ago

For free? 12 months of PS Plus Extra costs 130 € and Premium is 160 €.

Where I live you can buy Returnal for as little as 15 € if you buy it used. Even at full price it is nowhere near the cost of PS Plus Extra or Premium.

So how on earth can you se that it exists for free if you subscribe to those paid subscription services?

ChasterMies14h ago

Maybe an unpopular opinion but I think “Returnal” is perfectly rated. The restart mechanic is not the most fun for everyone.

JEECE13h ago

Yeah, I think the Tower of Sisyphus would have addressed this somewhat if it had been in the game earlier. The gameplay is great, but I sometimes chose to play other things when I didn't want to commit to a run (particularly before they added the save feature). The tower provided a way to have fun with the arcade gameplay without investing in a full run, which was nice, and felt in line with their prior games.

gold_drake14h ago

returnal was amazkng, i loved everything anout it

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Embracer shuts down Alone in the Dark Reboot developers Pieces Interactive

From GameWatcher: "Embracer has shut down Pieces Interactive, the studio that recently developed the Alone in the Dark Reboot for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

Pieces Interactive, acquired by THQ Nordic in 2017, worked on the Titan Quest franchise. Its most recent game, Alone in the Dark, received mixed critical reception at launch but was improved with subsequent patches."

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mastershredder1d 12h ago

Like we did not see this coming. Pieces and Alone in the Dark, had a kick me sign on their back the entire dev cycle to release. Perfect example of not reading current market trends, bad forecasting, marketing and release.

1nsomniac1d 12h ago (Edited 1d 11h ago )

Why is it the perfect example?? It was actually one of the few games that did all those things well. In fact considering the current environment in the industry it actually did all those things very well.

The problem was the game itself was just rough around the edges and that’s the problem we currently have in the industry it’s hard to release something like that when everybody wants perfection and the developer and publisher doesn’t have enough to pay off all the reviewers.. it has a large cult following and had potential to be exactly what survival horror fans have been crying out for while they were waiting for silent hill 2. Don’t see what market trends and forecasting has anything to do with it at all. I don’t remember it fighting in its release window either.

RaidenBlack1d 11h ago

Alone in the Dark would've gained more praise if it released in 2022, well before Alan Wake II and other horror projects