Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombie Trailer

Ahead of their panel this week, the new Zombie trailer for the next Call of Duty game has been revealed.

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Cajun Chicken120d ago

Oh look, it's the campaign for Black Ops 4 which is nothing to do with Black Ops.

fewDankMemes120d ago

Zombies is not the campaign. There will be specialist missions tied to the story of black ops that acts as the campaign.

Garethvk120d ago

I played it at E3 and it played and looked a lot like BO3 save for the lack of a regenerative health system.

Cajun Chicken120d ago

While you are entirely correct, this is also the only probable single player content for the game thanks to Activision's greed and rush to shove out a game with an expansive Battle Royale mode. So now we're filling up by doing trailers for a bonus in the game as opposed to what should be the real content; a real single player story based campaign,

Simply THIS IS Black Ops 4's campaign. It is the only content you can play in single player with a narrative and to clarify this, they have made a long trailer like for the story of a game. They better not pull this with CoD again or I'm out.

81BX119d ago

Who wants another cod without dedicated servers!?!?!?