Does the Nintendo Switch Need GTA V?

Gadgets 360 says: "The Nintendo Switch is 18 months into its life cycle and we take a look at the games released on it so far and what lies ahead."

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MrSwankSinatra189d ago

I mean it would be nice if it was on there, Rockstar ported L.A. Noire, so why not port GTAV? Hell port Max Payne 3 as well, I would like RDR on the switch, but that will never be feasible to be ported in any capacity, outside of backwards compatibility for xbox one.

deafdani188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

Why do you think RDR couldn't be ported to the Switch?

MrSwankSinatra188d ago

RDR can't be ported due to the development code, the development code for that game is such a mess, that it's the main reason why we haven't seen remasters done for current gen and why it wasn't ported to the PC. That is the reason why development of that game took so long, people forget that RDR was actually announced back in 2005 as the "Old West Project" for the PS3 reveal, as an exclusive. Dan Houser actually had to beg the president of Rockstar North, Leslie Benzies to fix the game, which is why he is credited as the lead designer for the game. The project overall was just mismanaged to a very bad degree.

Christopher188d ago

Because it can't even be ported to the PC apparently?

deafdani188d ago

Thanks, I didn't know any of this! Very interesting.

showtimefolks188d ago

I think that would be good but I don't think R* are that interested

WPX188d ago

Could't hurt. The more the better I say.

Tazzy188d ago

Sure why not port it over Rockstar will make a ton of money because the game will be on the go.

Tross188d ago

It doesn't need it, but it wouldn't be an unwelcome addition. I don't see it happening, but surprises do happen.

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