No Man's Sky Next Trailer Shows off the Multiplayer

Hello Games has just released a new No Man’s Sky gameplay trailer which shows off the multiplayer in action. Launching on July 24th on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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uth1193d ago

looks amazing, time to get back into the game, i think

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Tankbusta4093d ago

I can't believe they are trying to sell this at 49.99... On the Xbox

rdgneoz393d ago

If it was releasing with only what the PS4 got originally, not even close to being worthy of $50 (Amazon was selling it for $20 after a bit). After all the updates (they added building to the world) and now multiplayer being added, finally releasing on the system is fine for $50. Minecraft like building and flying into space with friends for ship combat is not bad for that price. It's not like other games release on the other systems after a year or so exclusivity with just get the base game for the $60 price tag.

Tankbusta4093d ago (Edited 93d ago )

It's almost 2 years old. It's nice that they made improvements to the game but I think it should be 29.99 at most. Especially with all the controversy the game had, I doubt people who haven't played it are going to say "oh joy nms on Xbox for almost full price!!! I must has!!!!! "

crazyCoconuts93d ago

I think it's a fair price after all the enhancements. If gamers disagree they won't buy and HS will eventually drop the price. It's really a pretty unique experience even years after it's release...

tontontam093d ago

Some retailers are selling the ps4 version for $20 brand new.

Christopher93d ago

Yeah, these developers who have spent two years updating the game without additional funds should make next to nothing for developing the port as well.

valkrol93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

Didn't Hello Games make more than $40,000,000 just in the first few months of releasing NMS? It's a tiny, tiny team, why would they need additional funding?

peterdawa93d ago

Valkrol I wonder if you would have the same attitude if someone said you are just one person, you don't need a salary this month cause you got a bonus last month. Sorry to say but your logic is really disappointing.

Christopher93d ago

***Didn't Hello Games make more than $40,000,000 just in the first few months of releasing NMS? It's a tiny, tiny team, why would they need additional funding?***

No, they made nothing in the arena of that. That figures is assuming that they take home the $50(PC) and $60(PS4) cost of the game in entirety when in reality they only take home between $4-6 for each full priced sale.

Furthermore, how does they having money not account for the fact that they should still get paid for their development work? Do we wonder why Skyrim on Switch didn't cost $10? I'm fairly certain Bethesda has way more money from Skyrim sales than HG has from NMS. A shit ton more, at that. But, they still deserve to be paid for their work.

If you don't like the initial price, then just wait for it to go on sale a few months from now.

spambot081593d ago

i know, if the price was fair it would be 499.99.

C-H-E-F93d ago

why not they sold an even less complete game at 59.99 on PS4 lOl.

-T9X-69-93d ago


So? It was never developed for Xbox nor had anything related to Xbox integrated within the game. It's had multiple updates and this one includes a new perspective to play from and some visual improvements. People really need to learn that just because something was exclusives for X amount of time, doesn't mean the ones left out are entitled to a cheaper game due to their wait. That wait could have been due to funds from Sony, it could have been due to the team size (15 people), could have been due to time and not wanting to delay it yet again. It is a brand new product for said system, if you own multiple consoles you have the luxury of picking up a cheap used copy. If you don't, you're getting a brand new experience. The majority of people like yourself complaining about the price don't even own an Xbox, have no interest in the game, or have a PS4 and had the opportunity to play it.

As primarily a PC gamer, my prefered community needs to learn this as well. Being console exclusive for 6 months or a year doesn't entitle us to a cheaper game either. They still have to port those titles, but complaining every single time about a previous exclusive coming to another platform being a higher price isn't going to change anything. Work still needs to be done and that cost money. Its up to the developers to choose if they think the investment is worth the port.

Christopher93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

***People really need to learn that just because something was exclusives for X amount of time***

That's the thing, it is $10 cheaper than release price on PS4... Still complaints.

shadowraiden93d ago

the issue is work isnt getting done. so many ports to PC have so many issues that its nowhere near worth full price.

valkrol92d ago


'in reality they only take home between $4-6 for each full priced sale'

Are you really saying Hello Games only makes 10% of sales? What are you basing this on, where are you getting your information?

Just on PC NMS sold over 800,000 units (probably a lot more) on Steam for $60, Valve takes 30% and they have no publisher, that equels $33,600,000, again that's on PC alone and doesn't even include GOG sales.

For a tiny team (they always talked about how tiny their team was) that's a lot of money, and most certainly more than enough to expect them to update their game without charging extra, especially considering the dire state it was in when launched.

Christopher92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

Your PC figures are off.

PC revenue potential overall: 800,000 * $50 = $40,000,000 (Steam was priced at US$50 at release, $60 on PS4)
Minus storefront cut of sales: 0.70 * $40,000,000 = $28,000,000

Now, that's $28m in revenue. That is not profit!

So, based on Pachter's old videos on GameTrailers, he broke down how much a publisher and a developer makes per game sales. This reminds me of one mistake I made here in that I forgot they are both, but it's still not just 'profit' across the board.

Factors in what they need to do with their revenue:

- pay for investment costs stemming from loans, third-party studios costs (they used multiple third-party studios to help with the game), general overhead (like when they had to move offices due to flooding).

- pay for marketing costs

- pay for distribution costs

- taxes in countries where applicable

So, Pachter estimated that a developer would earn about $6 per sale of a new game and a publisher $6-8 from a new sale.

So, my mistake was only as a developer, but it's still less than $28m. A lot less. And, that money still wasn't profit, but revenue. Their profits are dependent on existing costs, loans, as well as investment going forward.

But, if you notice, it still doesn't mean that just because they made money off of this game that they should put it out on a console for much less than its worth, does it? GTA5 broke records and still makes tens of millions every quarter if not hundreds of millons. Does that mean GTA6 should be half the cost of GTA5 because they made a successful product? Do you think people shouldn't pay what a game is specifically set to be priced at just because it's a success?

valkrol92d ago


Alright, I thought it was $60 and not $50 so let's say it's $28mil on Steam alone (not counting GOG and assuming there weren't more that 800k sales which there probably were.)

I wouldn't go by Pachter's estimate, it makes too many assumptions.

PC Gamer alone wrote 90+ articles on NSM before it was released, all of which were positive or very positive. Almost every other game site did the same. Did they pay for that ?

There are no distribution costs for Steam.

The office move couldn't have cost more than $50,000, and that's really pushing it.

All that's left is the cost of third-party developers. Is that really $5 mil, $10 mil ? I doubt it was even one million.

Taxes are another thing, fancy accountants can make a huge difference, plus there are government grants we may not know about, and even tax-free arrangements if they hire unemployed people, etc.

I think a $16-20 mil dollar profit from Steam alone is a solid estimate (I still don't see where $8-12 million would go except taxes). There are also Playstation profits, probably another $20 million.

I am just so, so tired of hearing how this studio is so great and shouldn't work for free. They are doing anything but working for free. They promised the world, got massive amounts of free advertising, and delivered a barely functional (on PC) game that didn't even come close to living up to the hype. To me they are the epitome of unscrupulous developers.

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Chaosdreams93d ago

Oh... the heart irritated people?

Let me just, increase its size.

< 3

There. All better.

valkrol93d ago

Does it still run terribly on PC?

InKnight7s93d ago

I thought this was a thing since day one as the developers aclaimed.

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