Will third-party PS Allstars characters make it to Smash Bros. Ultimate?

"While it was great seeing characters like Heihachi and Raiden in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, I can’t help but wish these characters would make their way to the highly anticipated Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Nintendo Switch." -- Nintendo Enthusiast

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Lighter9188d ago

That would be epic. Especially if they make an epic trailer for it, as well.

ZeekQuattro187d ago

Hieichi was a Mii skin in the last game so anything is possible.

FallenAngel1984187d ago

I never thought SSB fans would be envious of some of PSASBR’s roster

King_Noctis187d ago

I think the more is always the better. Envious or not, having some of PSAB’s roster in Smash would be incredible.

FallenAngel1984187d ago

It’d be interesting to have a Dante costume for Mii Swordfighter to finally have a game where Dante, or more specifically someone in his likeness, was in the same game as Bayonetta. Sega missed a huge opportunity by not having Bayonetta in either Project X Zone games cuz she missed interacting with Dante and Morrigan twice.

cha0sknightmare187d ago

PS I know he's not a sony all star, but just whilst we are on the topic of non nintendo roster additions.

CrimsonWing69187d ago

Oh sure they will and Sony will have a version of Smash Bros. with cross platform play while they’re at it.