Remedy: Development of Alan Wake & Quantum Break Sequels Are Up to Microsoft

If you're waiting on a sequel to Alan Wake or Quantum Break then those games will have to be approved by Microsoft first.

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Sciurus_vulgaris188d ago

Microsoft must have a very strict publishing deal with Remedy for Alan Wake. Remedy owns the Alan Wake IP not MS.

darthv72188d ago

well whatever the case may be... these need to happen and MS knows this.

Johnyra188d ago

I don't know maybe an alan wake,i got really bored with quantum break

Mystogan188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

I think if we're getting Quantum Break 2, it's not going to be made by Remedy.

Unless they finally bought Remedy(Aka Remedy finally wants to sell)

They really do need Remedy though. They need a studio with that same Cinematic style that Sony does. But Remedy doesn't seem to be that versatile when it comes to settings. All their games have the same realism to them. I don't think they ever pulled of a fantasy or sci-fi setting.

Cmv38188d ago

They don't need a studio with the same cinematics style as Sony, they need a studio willing to deliver something new and unique to the Microsoft x box brand. No need to play the us too game, gamers rarely win in those scenarios.

chiefJohn117188d ago

No, we don't want a movie game. Just give us more of the damn gameplay that was already there.

Fist4achin188d ago

Remedy has a project called Control which will go multiconsole. Could be cool.

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lelo2play187d ago

Quantum Break was crap.
Alan Wake was good. Wouldn't mind a sequel. Microsoft, make it happen...

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Spurg188d ago

I was expecting Ms to announce the acquisition of remedy at E3 but was surprise not to see them on the list.

Alan Wake and Quantum break need to be become one of the main games for Ms.

Obscure_Observer188d ago


Yeah, me too. I´m still have hope that Microsoft will acquire Remedy in the future since Phil said that acquisition of new studios hasn´t stop with the new 6. I´m also expecting Microsoft to acquire Moon Studios, Studio MDHR, Arena 44 and Crytek. :)

darthv72188d ago

come on MS... get off your ass and green light these sequels.

Why o why188d ago

Definite potential but you do wonder if they're worried about the returns on sp games. Yeah, we hear different but we can only judge them by their actions. Good luck regardless, never played quantum but did play Alan wake.

Obscure_Observer188d ago

@Why o why

"Definite potential but you do wonder if they're worried about the returns on sp games."

I don´t think so. No after all the massive success of Sony´s first party games. Specially GOD.

I think Phil will task both Playground Games and Ninja Theory on development of great AAA SP games. ;)

showtimefolks188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

Or since you own the IP find another publisher. I see ms going the route of Sony and green lighting games which are for their studios. I see the says of AAA independent studios coming to an end because if a big publisher is backing a huge game and doesn't even own the IP that's a huge rush


Both of these will be sold within next 5 years

Development costs are sky rocketing

TRU3_GAM3R188d ago

Microsoft should acquire Remedy.

Sciurus_vulgaris188d ago

Maybe Remedy doesn't want to be bought, Control is the studios first multi-console came since Max Payne 2.

Obscure_Observer188d ago


"Maybe Remedy doesn't want to be bought"

Maybe. But money speaks louder (most of the time, anyways). Respawn comes to mind.

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