Gamer 2.0: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Preview

Gamer 2.0 writes: "Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is one of multiple Kingdom Hearts handheld games shown off at the recent Tokyo Games Show. Aside from the fact that the game has a really a complicated name that Square Enix swears will make sense at the end, 358/2 Days is the perfect game slated for a DS release because the game take place shortly after the events that occurred in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories--a Kingdom Hearts game that was released on the Game Boy Advance a few years back.

While it was one of the more interesting aspects in the game, people were a bit turned off by the card-based action battle system in Chain of Memories. Those who weren't into that system should be happy to know that 358/2 Days plays a lot like the original PS2 Kingdom Hearts. You play mostly as Roxas from Kingdom Hearts II, and oftentimes you have a handful of other characters, such as Axel, join as you pound your way through the Heartless in hopes of getting to the level's endboss."

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