No, Saudi Arabia Hasn't Banned Any Video Games Recently Due To 'Blue Whale'

Saudi Arabia is in the headlines recently with news surrounding another video games ban by the Saudi General Commission for Audio-Visual Media.

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OB1Biker95d ago

'news where the facts weren’t checked properly'
Its typical ; most people dont question what they are told.

NecrumOddBoy95d ago

"News: Where facts aren't properly checked."


FTANK95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

Did you guys get a fax or sething to clear up the air and run PR/damage control for a theocracy?

Grap95d ago

Saudi Arabia is not theocracy. it's a monarchy ruled by a single family.

Zabatsu295d ago

Lol - and Trump is honest.

BlaqMagiq195d ago

Why is this comment getting disagrees? He's 100% correct.

ShadowWolf71295d ago

They're not a theocracy, they're a Monarchy. The royal family runs the country, not any religious leaders.

You're thinking of Iran.

FTANK95d ago

And by which principles are they ruling through? You mean the forced morality, laws, and the means by which they conduct their capital punishments is not rooted in religious doctrines and with 1 particular religion and a very specific faction of that religion used as the context by which they're administered?

ShadowWolf71295d ago

The how and why they are the way they are is irrelevant. They are ruled by a Royal Family who will often go against the religious leaders in their nation for their family's gain.

They are, by definition, a monarchy. Not at all a theocracy.

Tankbusta4095d ago

Guys I'm on day 49 of the blue whale challenge... Should I be optimistic?

FTANK95d ago

If this site went out of it's way to publish this, why no apologies or retractions after bullshitting you and being complicit in helping distribute an overt propaganda campaign over the Net Neutrality doomsday that never happened.
Should make you question their priorities, intents, and what they really think of you

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