Sony's decision to delay LBP is a blow to artistic expression in games

Globe & Mail game reporter says Sony's decision to delay LBP is "a blow to free creative expression, and a major setback for those who would have games be considered a form of art."

From the story:

"Publishers are the recipients of an endless stream of complaint letters that disapprove of all manner of game content, ranging from violence to homosexuality, and they come from a wide variety of protestors, including churches, parent lobbying groups, teachers, lawyers, and politicians. Typically, the only time a game maker takes action on these complaints is when the ESRB threatens to stamp their game with a rating higher than the age of its perceived core audience.

By holding up the release of one of the PlayStation 3's most important games to remove two lines of text that would have no impact on the game's age rating, Sony is essentially stating that they accept one particular religion as a higher level of authority than any other form of petitioner."

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Pennywise3648d ago

More FUD?? Keep writing about this game... FREE ADVERTISEMENTS.

Genesis53648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Islam is known for their extremist though. Cross their line and they will blow you up or put a bounty on your head. The other groups the author mentions would never go to those extremes. I am not trying to offend Muslims but this is just the way it is.

strotee3648d ago

Exactly. Some people who have never heard of this game will now have an interest. Well played Sony, well played.

I think some of these writers somehow equate delaying a video game (let's repeat that, VIDEO GAME) 1 week is similar to rations being sent to a 3rd world country that do not arrive on schedule. Seriously, no one will suffer or perish if a game is released a week later. Keep making free press, Sony thanks you.

Imallvol73648d ago

Yeah, this game is going to be HUGE this Christmas. They should pimp this IP with stuffed sackboys.

NBA09TheInsideFlop3648d ago

ah the artistic expression of garbage something sony is very familiar with.

CrippleH3648d ago

It's sad that this game got delayed for religious bs.

Nobody complained that Army of Two got suicide bombers in turbans.

vizigoth3647d ago

So I guess the freedom of speech doesn't apply everywhere. The press sure seem to be going melodramatic about the story. But you have a game like LittleBigPlanet getting delayed for a couple of quotes and then you have Grand Theft Auto... Don't get me wrong GTA 1-4 is cool in their own ways but it just seems like there is something missing here. Were they ever delayed for their content? I honestly don't know. Does anyone else?

jacobdevos3647d ago

the difference here is that the games you mentioned were rated M..
this game is E for everyone
and to have known about a possible religious conflict with a game before hand and still releasing a game with it in it, when almost 1/5 of the world is Muslim, is a bad idea.
it's not freedom of speech they are hurting , they are attempting to make a game that truly is for everyone.
just imagine how much worse it'd be if a Muslim child was singing a song he heard in littlebigplanet and his parents heard him singing it, that's not pretty.

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