Gearbox Makes Fun Of Their Aliens: CM Typo With Job Listing For 'Programming Copy Editor'

Aliens: Colonial Marines suffered from a brain-dead AI at launch. This was later discovered to be the work of a typo that was made by a programmer, who wrote ‘tether’ as ‘teather’ in the game’s code.

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Razmiran183d ago

So basically they are making fun of the fact that they are a totally incompetent developer?

rainslacker182d ago

Wonder if they made fun of the fact they mismanaged funds, and directed it towards other development projects, then tried to get SEGA to pay for outsourcing to cover their mismanagement, which SEGA initially denied, but then gave in to because they had too much money tied up in the game.

Given the controversy that surrounded this game, they shouldn't be making fun of it. It was a disservice to the investors, the publisher, and the customers, without a single shred of remorse, and no publicly known accountability for the actual illegal things they did on this project.

I'm honestly surprised the dev wasn't sued into oblivion by SEGA, but SEGA certainly lost money on the project, all while Gearbox rode high on their own IP's.

Razmiran182d ago

I think both SEGA and Gearbox were involved in a lawsuit but Gearbox was dropped and Sega got all the heat.
However, this is not surprising at all, every time he mentions it Randy Pitchford talks about how Aliens Colonial Marines is actually a good game that got attacked by haters

rainslacker182d ago

I'm not sure what legal action happened. I heard there were some kind of lawsuit going on, but I imagine it got settled, and never became public knowledge. Personally, I feel this is not right, because its obvious that Gearbox feels no remorse over the situation, and it sends a bad message that mismanaging funds is perfectly OK.

People accuse P* for diverting resources to their other games instead of working on Scalebound, which is completely misplaced given that they have multiple teams. Yet Gearbox got almost no heat in the long run, and people are looking forward to their next game as if they are just awesome.

Christopher182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

Every developer is incompetent by this logic. We all make these mistakes. Every single company makes these mistakes eventually, even MS, Google, Apple, etc. The only factor here is the game was shitty. But it wasn't shitty because of developers, it was shitty because of poor management.

Developers get way too much blame for bad games when most of the time it's poor management decisions that release a game too early or adjust the game regularly that causes milestones to be missed entirely or living in a state of constant change.

Razmiran182d ago

I admit its too broad and agressive, but you have to admit Randy Pitchfords comments on the alien colonial marines situation are downright disgusting

Servbot41183d ago

You think they would have realized that something was wrong with the AI had they played their own game and went in to figure out why themselves. More evidence they dumped it and ran with the money without even internally testing it.

rainslacker182d ago

Apparently they outsourced a lot of work after they mismanaged the project, and moved developers and teams to other projects, all on SEGA's dime. Given how screwed up the development was on this game, and the fact that it got pushed through compliance to just get the game released, it's not surprising that something like this would go unfixed. Since they did have testers, I'm sure they had the actual effects of the bug documented, they just never bothered to fix it. Whether they looked at the bug and could figure it out or not is unknown.

I doubt the devs working on the game were incompetent, but the whole project was completely mismanaged, and if you read up on the history of the game, they didn't even develop all of it.