Fortnite's Double Pump Nerf Has Created An Even More Annoying Meta

Shotgun into a tactical SMG, rinse and repeat in Fortnite.

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Travis370894d ago

They just now also removed the. Tac smgs from the game. Everything is getting nerfed and it isn’t fun anymore

Kokyu94d ago

Watch the forties wont stand for the garbage I mean game being bashed man.

abovetheclouds94d ago

They are doing what they did with Paragon. Epic can't balance a game to save their lives and they end up running it into the ground.

zackeroniii94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

I've been doing that for the longest, the shotty and tac smg...good combo, but the double pump nerf is definitely annoying, you should not be getting a timer if you use a pump into a tac shotty...makes no freaking sense it's frustrating

Thatgrammar94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

What “Meta” is this person talking about?

“Metagaming is any strategy, action or method used in a game which transcends a prescribed ruleset, uses external factors to affect the game, or goes beyond the supposed limits or environment set by the game. Another definition refers to the game universe outside of the game itself”

“Meta" is a prefix meaning "referring to itself." This has evolved into a variety of meanings that are used today. In games, the "meta" is referring to what are the strongest strategies currently. For example, in League of Legends the "meta" is a phrase that means whatever champions are strongest at the moment.”

What other meta is there that this person could be refdering to? Seems like the game is changing its own rules within itself, so that shouldn’t affect the “meta.”

Kokyu94d ago

You know exactly what he is saying. The game is being played in a way that is making people quit or not want to play and a tactic that the devs didnt realize would happen is happening so they changed the mechanics trying to force people to play a certain way. It wont work it never works because people in competitive games, especially FPS, juay look for the next best combo or tactic so they can easily win or have the best chance to win thus changing the Meta from double pump submachine gun to what ever else is next because these types of games cant be balanced it neve4 works its just an unending game of cause and effect. Ask bungie they tried for 3 yrs to get the intended play style in their PVP and it never happened because people will do wwlhat is easiest and allows them to win.

madforaday94d ago

Bungie? The developer who made Halo, one of the most balanced competitive game on console? That Bungie do you mean?

Destiny isn't a competitive game by nature. It is end game content, it is suppose to be not fair because it is end game content. They tried to make it more balanced in the second one, but the hardcore fan based hated the fact they don't have the advantage anymore.

A competitive game could NEVER be a game where you get weapons through RNG in different content.

ZeroX987694d ago

yes he meant THAT Bungie. I guess you can't get it 100% right in every game you make.

Completely agree with you about previous Halo entries, they've made a fantastic job at making it well balanced back then!

Kokyu94d ago (Edited 94d ago )


Halo wasnt exactly balanced either you're remembering with nostalgia goggles. Your statement "Destiny isnt a competive game by nature" phucking nonsense every decision made about PVP that effected PVE was made to make the game more balanced and competitive because Activision wanted Destiny PVP to become an Esport its one of the exact reasons random rolls were removed from weapons, super time was lowered and teams were shrunk to 4v4 all to try and promote competition. The apologizing for Bungie and Destiny is seriously reaching new heights I didnt think were possible.

madforaday88d ago


I didn't play often, I wasn't very good but always loved the concept of Halo. I just watched countless of tournaments and pros play the game. What was so unbalanced about competitive play? I didn't hear to many pros talk bad about Halo 2/3.

Destiny will NEVER be an Esport, their weapons are RNG based, are people going to bring their save file to the tournament and what happens if someone lost their save? They can't use their guns they got? Destiny isn't a competitive game by nature. In the beginning they did try to make it MORE competitive easier to get into because D1 was end game content and by nature D2 is that as well. The more stuff that comes out for D2 the more it will be end game content.

Long Supers, random rolls, power/heavy ammo galore are AWFUL concepts to competitive PvP. I stopped playing PvP/Destiny 1 in general because of how casual/end game content D1 was.

I like the concept of D2 more, but it needs more work, I tend to avoid PvP games with radar, one of the most hand holding feature in ANY PvP game.

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OnlyThoseOnTheFence94d ago

Garbage games attract garbage people. Did anyone actually think that any of these battle royale games would have a player-base that isn't toxic? The whole battle royale genre caters directly TO toxic players and exploiters. It's just one big GTAV "bad sport" lobby turned into it's own game. Put this trash to bed already.

PurpHerbison94d ago

Any multiplayer game is going to have its fair share of toxicity. I actually haven't played a single one that was void of toxic players. Funny that mobas are out of the hot seat now, it wasn't that long ago people were saying "The whole moba genre caters directly TO toxic players". Easy to hate on whats popular.

madforaday94d ago

Well, he is more talking about that BR brings in solo people who will find anything to win. Battle Royal games are glorified free for all games which are very popular but in reality aren't very competitive.

BR games bring out a lot of casuals because casuals only have to worry about themselves. They don't want to worry about a team yelling at them or wanting to help that team.

PurpHerbison93d ago

That mindset exists in every multiplayer game. Have you even tried solo queue on League? Easily worse than anything a BR game can produce when you have "solo people" playing team games. Now THAT is toxic. And I think BR games can be pretty damn competitive. Just because there is a sea of casuals doesn't mean there isn't people playing competitively on the highest level.

EDKICK94d ago

Anything nerfing the pump is a good step. Seasons 3-4 run thru the pump and it was obnoxious. There was almost no reason to have anything else.