New Nintendo 3DS XL Super NES Edition is $150 for Prime Day

Amazon is featuring the New Nintendo 3DS XL Super NES Edition with a copy of Super Mario Kart for SNES as part of their annual Prime Day event. The bundle is going for $149.99. The limited edition system is normally $200.

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Firebird36093d ago

When's n3ds xl going to hit $99?... it's been out forever now, $199 seems crazy for it.

FallenAngel198493d ago

When is Nintendo going to drop the price on 3DS? A premium model for a 7 year old console shouldn’t still be $200

T1125P92d ago

How about a Switch themed SNES instead.

DivineAssault 92d ago

I like the inside of this one. The outer shell is a bit off putting tho