Sonic Mania Plus Review – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger | Wccftech

Sonic Mania Plus remixes and expands last year's hit hedgehog homage, but is this version of the game worth another spin?

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PhoenixUp119d ago

Work it harder
Make it better
Do it faster
Makes game stronger

Jackhass119d ago

Daft Punk would be a good fit for Sonic.

cha0sknightmare118d ago

Playing Mania Plus currently and its badass

Chaos_Order118d ago

I didn't realise Encore mode actually changed the levels around for a slightly different experience. That's awesome! All the more replay value! I currently have this Pre-ordered, so glad I skipped the digital version and just patiently waited.

Acecalibur118d ago

I still havent gotten the water stage on Mania. Kicking my ass

Jackhass118d ago

Yeeeeah, that water stage is the worst part of the game.

TGG_overlord118d ago

Not only is the game great, but the retro-like trailer for the game is awesome as well.