NBA 2K19: LeBron James' Player Model and Rating Revealed

LeBron James, who is on the cover of the 20th Anniversary Edition of NBA 2K19, will be an 98 overall in the upcoming basketball video game. The release of his rating also gave everyone a first-look of him wearing a Los Angeles Lakers uniform. On July 10, LeBron officially signed a four-year, $153 million deal with the Lakers.

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186d ago
Skankinruby186d ago

Welcome to Cali King James, best player on the planet playing in the best in the world.

Gemmol186d ago

I will pick center in my career to be Lakers center for story mode

Skankinruby185d ago (Edited 185d ago )

KD is a ring chaser, nothing more. Warriors had to build a super team to stop LeBron, they're making basketball boring. But nothing will stop me from being excited to see this legend play in my hometown. Gonna go down as 2nd best of all time behind Jordan.

81BX185d ago

Lmao. What do you think leflop did? He just got out done by the warriors. Lebron realized his days of finals are over.

Lexiiii186d ago

It's so weird seeing him wearing Lakers jersey.

BLow185d ago

As a Laker fan and not a fan of LeBron, I feel really uneasy about all of this. I've never liked him and thats just me. I realized what he has done and how good he is but that still doesn't change how I feel. I guess because I'm old school. Are there any of us left or is just the people who like players just going wherever they want and some even chasing the Championship.

I'm still mad about that CP3 trade that they didn't allow. And now look at the NBA......

Skankinruby185d ago

I was thinking about the CP3 trade as well when the league allowed this ridiculous Demarcus Cousins deal with Golden State completely mocking the salary cap. Quite the double standard if you ask me. But one thing you can never pin on LeBron is chasing guaranteed rings unlike KD and how ridiculous the Warriors have become. He goes in and creates dynasties, he doesn't just tag along. I never like Kobe myself, but I completely respect his stamp in NBA history. I see him all the time I do a lot of work near where he lives.