UK software sales (Week ending 7/14/2018)

Octopath Traveler is number 1 this week (Individual formats).

It is a good week for Nintendo with ¼ of the All Formats Top 40 titles this week being Nintendo format exclusives. The only other newcomer to make the Top 40 this week is Sega’s ‘Shining Resonance Refrain’ at No27.

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Why o why98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

Nintendo are smashing it with their exclusive releases in the UK. . Sony just managed a couple and Microsoft none in the top 20. Their releases are too far between, Sony's 2 have legs whereas it seems Nintendo games aren't cannibalizing each other. . Well played to them.

Geobros97d ago

Yeah! It looks like nintendo dominates uk market this summer.

lociefer97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

I see most of the top 10 games deserve to be there (never played lego), +1 faith

Obscure_Observer97d ago

I´m glad that a jprg game made it to the top! The "niche" excuse for some these games poor sales is just fabricated BS!

Congrats to Nintendo and Switch owner!

I´m also glad that Xbox One owners are supporting Crash. Second? O.o

GOD will be the best selling exclusive this year alongside Spider Man. No doubt.

Good news for all consoles across the board. ;)

Lime12397d ago

First Xbox One "exclusive" at #28.

Dark_Knightmare297d ago

Title is somewhat clickbait since Octopath traveler is number 1 in the individual charts but on the all format charts it’s third yet the article opens saying “Octopath traveler is number 1 this week” as if it was the number 1 game regardless of platform for the week

97d ago Replies(1)
Gemmol97d ago

It is number 1 how hard is it to understand it sold the most by itself

When you use the chart where they add up crash bandicoot sales from 3 systems vs octopath from 1 system then of course it will beat it in sales

But if you just use Xbox version of crash bandicoot by itself vs octopath then octopath would win

Lime12397d ago (Edited 97d ago )

It's #1 on Individual charts, not all formats.

GOW, Shadow of the Colossus, Detroit were #1 on All Format chart.

Lime12397d ago

GOW at #5 after 3 months. 10 million is on lock.

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