"Super Mortal" Dr. Phil Takes on MMO Addiction


"Today's episode of the Dr. Phil show, titled "Virtual Chaos", addresses video game addiction, and it isn't pretty. The featured guests spend 80 hours a week on average playing "the game" (which is on more than one occasion revealed to be World of Warcraft), abandoning their jobs, ignoring their wives, and neglecting their children.

One recovering video game addict in the audience described how he would secretly replace the guts of his PC when his wife went to work ... "

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Nostradavis3653d ago

"A super-stud who gets to have cool hair!" Nice to see Dr. Phil has his virtual world priorities in order.

Bnet3433652d ago

ROFL look at the open zone ....

JsonHenry3652d ago


The first post on the open zone made me laugh so hard I had tears streaming down my face!

The only MMO I can stand to play is MapleStory.

JsonHenry3652d ago

Also- Not sure if it was true or not (I am too lazy and really don't care) I was told that "Dr" Phil is not a doctor of any kind whatsoever. Again, no sure if this is true or not. But it certainly would explain a lot about this guy.

thisguywithhair3652d ago

No, he's not a doctor. He actually has training in gym if I remember correctly.

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keanerie3653d ago

look at this bald idiot trying to tell me about who i am

get some rogaine, it'll give you +1 to hair B***H

baraka0073653d ago

This guy is such a joke I doubt he helps anyone but himself. Can you believe this dude sells a diet book and people have bought it? now that's what I call crazy...

ChrisGTR13652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

LOL! did he really?i didnt know that but i say any diet advice from him is like taking candy from a baby.,.....and then eating it.

ok that makes no sence.

borisfett3652d ago

Get an education.

The guy is a fitness expert. There isn't an ounce of fat on the man.

Voozi3652d ago

Now Dr. Phil should take on Console Fanboyism and get a hardcore panel of guests from the n4g open zone!

Bnet3433652d ago

I think that's an idea for Jerry Springer.

"B*tch you stole mah games!"

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