Defiance 2050 Review - "An Empty and Bland World" | MGL

Natalie brings her verdict on Defiance 2050 as the game goes free-to-play on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. And it hasn't got much better.

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I really enjoyed the original defiance minus the lag and other issues that plagued the game. It's a shame they didn't port the original game over a few years back. This new copy/paste is awful. It's a cash grab, trion should be ashamed. All the money they have made off this franchise and they pump that money into every other garbage ass game they churned out rather than the one making them money.

It's free to play, keep it that way. Don't pay any money towards it or you will regret it later.

Mutant-Spud95d ago

On XB1 it still crashes every time I start an Arkfall, if not for that I'd be into it, spent many hours playing the original and loved it.