Concrete Genie is one of Sony's most impressive games developed by one of its smallest studios

From Destructoid: "Sony has a hefty collection of low-key studios at this point. Back at E3 2014 it announced Entwined, a beautiful-looking cross-buy puzzle game that might not have stolen the show, but managed to turn some heads. The team responsible was PixelOpus, and four years later it's prepping to launch Concrete Genie -- a much more ambitious puzzle platformer that's just as gorgeous as that last project."

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AspiringProGenji96d ago

Entwined got a average to slighty average score, and that for a small group of college students was ok enough. Sony still giving these guys a chance and what they have now is looking nice. They can only grow from here

For reference Naughty Dog started with a MK knock off and look at them now... Sony is still eyeing young talents and nurturing them so they become an asset, something these guys will always be thankful for. Hats off 🎩

SolidGear395d ago

Actually they started developing games in the 80's but didn't rise to any prominence until the 90's. First game is played by them was Rings of Power for the Sega Genesis in 1991. I've always wanted to play Way of the Warrior though. I remember following it heavily through magazine articles during it's development. Alas I've never owned a 3DO though.

Goldenarmz95d ago

I always wanted a 3DO use to always watch it promoted on the shopping network. Thought their Football game was the greatest looking game ever. Totally forgot about this fighting game tho, memories.

cha0sknightmare96d ago

Been interested in this since they first showed it.

Zabatsu296d ago

This looks awesome, never heard of it. Hope it turns out great, will buy.

Jay76796d ago (Edited 96d ago )

concrete genie and dreams and days gone are really getting over need to have a proper psx conference this year to help showcase all they upcoming games instead of a few like they did at e3.

DeadSilence96d ago

Greatness from Small beginnings.

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The story is too old to be commented.