GamesRadar: Midnight Club: LA Remix PSP Review

GamesRadar writes: "LA Remix is the series' second foray onto PSP. The last game, MC3: DUB Edition, was a massive hit Stateside, and in the UK it was the best-selling racing game on the PSP. This year could be a similar story as well, as LA Remix is easily the best racer to go portable in 2008.

The real secret to Midnight Club's success is that it avoids so many of the banana skins slipped on by other street racers whilst retaining the air of effortless cool you'd expect from the makers of Grand Theft Auto. It never uses gameplay gimmicks to try and appear fresh and funky, nor does it desperately follow in the tyre-marks of other games it's dying to better. Midnight Club is pure, arcade-style street racing and is all the better for it."

You'll love

* Responsive handling
* Incredible sense of speed
* Two cities to own

You'll hate

* Not having enough cash to buy all the cars
* Losing races at the last turn
* After this: real driving

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