1UP: Harvest Moon: Welcome to the Wind Bazaar Preview

1UP writes: "The Harvest Moon series has a long-running history of farming, farming, and more farming. You till the land, plant seeds, water the seeds, and then sell your crop. You use your profits to enlarge your estate, bring prosperity to the neighboring village, and occasionally even get hitched and have a kid. Welcome to the Wind Bazaar doesn't appear to change the formula too much, but a cute new art style, characters, and a slew of other additions make it one of the more update-heavy iterations on DS so far.

We loaded up a save file that was two years into the game at Marvelous' booth and ran around checking out the expanded house (it's huge), the barn (it's attached to the house), and the town (it's surprisingly small). Its comfortable controls really surprised us. We could easily navigate all of the menus and use our tools with just the D-pad and the buttons -- no clumsy stylus controls needed (though you can still use them if you want). L toggles running, and R cycles through your equippable items, like the hoe and the water can. After equipping a tool, you use it with a simple button press."

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