Rocket League Tops Xbox Store Sales Shortly After Game Pass Inclusion

We’ve been watching Xbox Game Pass insanely closely since it was first announced. In fact, we called it the best value in gaming last week. However, when Microsoft first announced that Sea of Thieves would be included in Xbox Game Pass, it was hard to predict how this would affect online sales of the game. That title eventually rose to the top slot on the Xbox’s Store’s Paid Games. The same happened for State of Decay 2. These were both new releases, so it wasn’t particularly surprising to see them purchased at a high rate. They were two of the more hyped exclusive titles the Xbox One has had this year.

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lxeasy93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

Whoa thats impressive. I guess gamepass isn't hurting sales of games on its service.
"same happened for @SeaOfThieves and @StateOfDecay 2 as both jumped to #1 when they went into #XboxGamePass with sales exceeding expectations."

cain14193d ago

I genuinely found this kinda surprizing.

lxeasy93d ago

Yeah me too, I thought game pass would hurt game sales. But as of now that's not the case.

Obscure_Observer93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

I knew it! Game Pass is a HUGE success! The service is here to stay and will only get better in the near future!

I have no doubts that Forza Horizon 4 will reach an all new high in sales this October!

The retailers that boycott and refused to sell Xbox One games a few months back due the Game Pass implementation, must be feeling pretty stupid right now. XD

Phil Spencer did a great job again against all odds.

Go Xbox Team!

Kingthrash36093d ago

Wait.....what made a jump in sales ? Gamespass service or the actual game people bought instead of getting the service?
And if its the service then how are they counting this as a sale for rocket league? Shouldn't it just be highest game downloaded due to already owned subscribers??

conanlifts93d ago

@King thrash. If you get gamepass and buy a game included you get a discount on it. So gamepass can be used as a way of buying digital games for less. It is up to 20%off plus 10% off add ons.

Obscure_Observer92d ago (Edited 92d ago )


From Aaron Greenberg:

“Xbox Game Pass will hurt sales and developers”

We’ve heard this misconception since launch. The data shows otherwise and in fact, shows that Game Pass helps sales.

The latest? A few days after being added to Game Pass, Rocket League is now the #1 purchased game on Xbox Live.

Kingthrash36092d ago (Edited 92d ago )

So spend nine dollars a month to save less than 9 nine dollars on a game?
I'm not asking to troll...I'm asking to understand.
How much does rocket league cost? $19?
I mean even if it costs 50 bucks and you save 20% you only save 10 help me understand the logic. Honest question I'm hoping I'm missing something here.

joshljr92d ago

@Kingthrash360 Of course it wouldn't make sense to get a month for just one game. But say you buy 3. Combine that with some of the offers floating around for a month of GP for a dollar (or pound in my case). That's quite a saving.

Bronxs1592d ago (Edited 92d ago )

Also I think the point is that since they can pay 9 bucks a month and effectively “rent “ or try out a game they otherwise wouldn’t and then find out the game is a blast and enjoy it. They may choose to purchase the game. For any amount of reasons to support the devs. Or to keep the game for ever in their library even if they don’t feel like continuing to pay 9/ month for game pass but still enjoy the game.

Expect sony to follow. They are already allowing some PS4 games to be fully downloaded on psn now as a result.

Obscure_Observer92d ago


"Expect sony to follow. They are already allowing some PS4 games to be fully downloaded on psn now as a result."

Yeah, Sony is already following Microsoft on this. I think we can expect PS4 exclusives hiting PS Now Day One in the near future. ;)

conanlifts91d ago (Edited 91d ago )


"So spend nine dollars a month to save less than 9 nine dollars on a game? "

My answer is purely speculative but I guess you would factor in those who have already purchased gamepass anyway, those who took up a free trial offer to buy the game and those that took up a $1 month pass. As you say buying gamepass to get a lesser discount makes no sense, but you can get it for a trial and take advantage. Also for anyone wanting to purchase a few games the $9 price might still save them money. Plus i guess if you pay $9 you could buy rocket league discounted and then play the other gamepass games.
Final point with rocket league is that all microtransactions would be discounted as well and it has a lot of those with new cars/skins etc.
For me I am in my third month of gamepass and I will unsubscribe after this month. The total cost for me was $1 for the first month and free for the second and third as I took advantage of different offer codes that I had.

Razzer91d ago


Where did it say Rocket League jumped in sales because of new GP subscribers? Existing subscribers are probably taking advantage of the 20% discount and that is what is pushing the sales. I'm sure there are some new subs but they are not subbing just to get the discount on this one game.

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joshljr93d ago

I just think it's unlikely its shot to the top of the list unless "top paid games" is just calculated by those that acquired the game... Which would include first time players through game pass.

I think it's still positive, devs get paid where they otherwise wouldn't, gamers can try games they wouldn't. It's simply good for gaming. But there's no need to twist numbers to make the point.

rainslacker93d ago

It wouldn't really make sense unless people were just letting their subscriptions lapse in droves, or using the free trial in droves, and they wanted to continue to play the game. Most people wouldn't spend money on something they can already get with money they're already spending. Some will of course, and even on PS+, some people have indicated they'd like to take advantage of sales of a game they like, but they can't because you can't buy it if you have it through PS+. But I imagine those numbers don't amount to topping the charts. Maybe it's just because of the discount you get with GP, although it would make sense to wait until your sub was about to expire or the game was about to be removed.

I could see some people buying the game after it was removed from the included game lists, or if their subs lapse, because it is a fun game and I can see why people would want to keep playing.

OTOH, with it included in game pass, it means more people will try it, so it could get a burst of word of mouth advertising where people without game pass are buying it to play with their friends, or they tried it at a friends house. I'd imagine that would be applicable to all these kinds of services, like GP, Humble Bundle, PS+, GWG.

cain14193d ago

Game pass just had a $1 sale so that could actually be a thing.

ShottyatLaw93d ago

Your last point seems most likely. We keep hearing about how PS+, GWG, etc. "free" games actually lead to more sales after their free release.

The advertising push that came from RL being added to GP likely led to many just clicking to buy it, too.

conanlifts92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

If you use a trial or $1 sale you can then save a large amount on games included. Don't forget gamepass is also a discount service. So any games or add ons can be purchased for up to 20% less. In addition it lets people try a game without buying it, so those unsure can try it and decide whether to buy. It makes sense for sales to increase on games with a lot of longevity like rocket league. But this might not transfer to single player experiences.

rainslacker92d ago

It's certainly possible. I never had any criticisms of game pass as of now. But other services like PS+ and GWG didn't see such drastic increases to sales of games like we see here, which is why I think it's probably a combination of factors.

Good for the dev though, and this kind of thing will help compel more publishers to have their games on the service, without MS having to pay as much in licensing fees, which ultimately means more and better games, while maintaining a low subscription price.

joshljr92d ago

Oh for sure, there will be those that purchase the game and in higher numbers than usual. I just think it being top of the list through direct sales is unlikely. I just think, if you don't already own the game and you download it, then it probably counts as a sale. So "top paid games" just represents downloads instead of purchases.

But the other good point, I never considered how good value it is to join GP for a month and bulk buy all the games you want on there.

Regardless, it's great to see that GP is not looking to be the death of gaming many predicted. Its the perfect service for first party and indies to launch onto, and third party AAA/Successful to join upto later. Third party don't take a hit to their profits, and indies get the recognition.

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lxeasy93d ago

Yeah he's better than the previous boss

Razzer91d ago

"How? "

How is he not? lol. Mattrick was the worst thing that ever happened to Xbox.

BLow92d ago ShowReplies(1)
yomfweeee93d ago

Sorry, but I refused to believe this. This game has been out for 27 months for X1. I'm supposed to believe that when it was made "free via GamePass", that people decided all of a sudden to pay full price for it?

Switch4One93d ago

It's not full price when purchased with Gamepass.
Also your refusal to believe doesn't matter/make a difference

yomfweeee93d ago

Show me where MS ever said they don't count Gamepass downloads as sales? The only thing related I've ever seen them say came from Aaron Greenburg. They announced that SoT was fastest selling Rare game ever. Someone asked if that included GamePass and he said no.

That does not mean they do not count GamePass as sales. You could easily take it that even if you remove the GamePass downloads, it still would be the fastest selling.

Keep in mind that no one even knows what "fastest selling" means. That could be first hour of sales since Microsoft never clarifies.

It literally makes no sense that people who pay for GamePass are immediately buying these games in mass. You would only buy the game if you planned on leaving GamePass. Unless you're not a very smart person.

ScarzFX93d ago

@yomfweeee Just sounds like youre trying your hardest to downplay xbox tbh. The answer is in your own words, why would they count downloads via gamepass as SALES? The process is; you subscribe to gamepass and you gain access to all the games available and download what you want.

"Show me where MS ever said they don't count Gamepass downloads as sales?"
So according to you , if something OBVIOUS isnt stated then you have to assume the worst?

yomfweeee92d ago

That's an easy answer scarz. They would count them as sales so they can turn around and brag about high sales, exactly what they are doing here.

The only thing that is obvious is it doesn't make sense people are all of a sudden buying games they get for free from Game Pass.

It literally makes no sense to buy these games if you're subscribed to the program. You would only buy the game if it was leaving GamePass (which it isn't) or you were leaving GamePass (why would you since you all think it is the greatest invention ever).

ScarzFX92d ago


"The only thing that is obvious is it doesn't make sense people are all of a sudden buying games they get for free from Game Pass"

Maybe the majority of people would rather actually own the game just in case they unsubscribe later?
Maybe the majority of people would rather own a physical copy?

Or would you rather keep your tinfoil hat on and microsoft want to "brag about high sales"?

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ScarzFX92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

*double post accident

slavish093d ago

crazy, this sea of thieves and stat of decay too. I guess people use game pass as a rental service to buy

Christopher93d ago

They also buy DLC, which helps the games to top sales (DLC purchases pushes the game itself up the charts as well).

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