Hey, Konami, Why Isn't There An 'Easy Mode' In 'Silent Hill: Homecoming'?

MTV Multiplayer's Patrick Klepek writes:

"I have become more and more frustrated with "Silent Hill: Homecoming" in the days since I wrote a scares comparison to "Siren."

The combat in the new "Silent Hill" is more engaging than in previous games, but nonetheless frustratingly unwieldy. It becomes especially infuriating, given the game's lack of save points and med packs to patch your character up.

Eventually, I'd had enough of dying. I wanted to keep playing for the game's eerie atmosphere, but "normal" difficulty wasn't cutting it.

The problem? There is no "easy" mode!"

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Zerodin3652d ago

Because fvck you!!! That's why!

Mc1873652d ago

Now that was Fvckin funny Zerodin.

carnex3652d ago

Because tension of near death moments is important in horror games, that's why.

Johnny Rotten3652d ago

well it is a survival horror game, kinda reminds me of the typewriter tapes in Code Veronica!

Homicide3652d ago

The game is easy the way it is. Once you know your enemies movement, then you pretty much beat them without getting hit. There are a lot of health packs to pick up. I agree with the save points. There are to scattered.