How Remedy is taking Control of its own destiny

CEO Tero Virtala on the Finnish developer's plans for its newest IP and the lessons learned from its Microsoft collaborations

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annoyedgamer96d ago

Its own destiny by creating a GAAS title? Nice try remedy. We have been begging for Alan Wake 2 for years, you can blame Microsoft for Quantum Break but you cannot blame this one on them.

gamer780496d ago

I really thought that they would go back to Alan wake, my main worry with this gaas that it seems to make or break a company. I'm not too excited about what I've seen from remedy, at e3. i was a huge fan but if they don't go back to single player story games i fear they might have much of a future in gaming.

nishanth12396d ago

Isn't their next game a SP game?

rakentaja96d ago

Looks like a physics demo of some sort, not a real sp experience. Cuttings corners imo. Max Payne to Alan to Quantum to this...constantly moving away from the excitement that Remedy once brought.

Lon3wolf96d ago

Not sure Remedy can do anything if this is true that's in the article:

With Microsoft holding onto the Alan Wake and Quantum Break IPs, Remedy has been determined to retain ownership of the rights to its upcoming 'Project 7', unveiled at last month's Los Angeles expo as the fittingly-titled Control.