Australian Senator David Leyonhjelm Introduces Bill To Protect Video Games Against Bans

"The Freedom of Speech Legislation Amendment Bill for censorship was introduced to Australian Parliament on June 25th, along with the bill for security, and the bill for protections against insults and offenses, according to the Parliament of Australia government website." OneAngryGamer says.

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TomatoDragon92d ago

Nice. Thumbs up for Valkyrie Drive characters.

annoyedgamer92d ago

Games aren't banned here by law. Producers are just shamed by activists into not making them.

CrimsonIdol92d ago

Well, that and getting refused classification and getting banned. Any game that makes taking illicit drugs have a net positive effect will be banned here, for example. They're pretty anal about that and the R 18+ classification didn't address that at all.

Srhalo91d ago Show
Rachel_Alucard92d ago

Now if only this was in NA an EU

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