Kingdom Hearts 3 Is Shaping up to Be Flawed Disney Magic - GameRevolution

Kingdom Hearts 3 oozes Disney charm, but it lacks an identity of its own. Many of the flaws of previous games return as well.

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Snookies1293d ago (Edited 93d ago )

I mean, those are very tiny issues. I don't know how the camera works, but I assume you have control over it with the right stick. So, if you're losing track of what's going on, that's on you, correct?

The complaint about the mech suit being somewhat boring is valid. However, that is just for one small section of the game.

Cutscene length and frequency being a negative is very much up to opinion. I personally am ecstatic to hear there are plenty of lengthy cutscenes! I want to get really invested in the final entry to this saga. A meaty story is exactly what I was hoping for.

Harkins172193d ago

I wanted XV to have mass amounts of cutsenes. It's a SE thing. You get rewarded with cutsenes after playing through Jrpgs. Sounds awesome to me especially for KH3

tombfan93d ago

I think the same as Harkins, I also was expecting a whole lot of cutscenes from FFXV that's kind of the point on playing Jrpgs... to our disgust, neither cutscenes nor story was in THAT game.

But KH3 looks like it's going to be such a blass and a massive story game. Even if the story is all over the place.

NecrumOddBoy93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

The biggest concern is the story. I think most of the magic of Disney was thrown on the back burner years ago. The KH lore is so far gone down the rabbit hole, even Kojima couldn't make sense of it all. Not worried about most of the game though. Fingers crossed hard! I want it to be good!