Ashen Dev Explains Why They Went Console Exclusive With Xbox One, No Plans For PS4 & Switch Versions

Microsoft has been a staunch supporter of indie-developed games since the Xbox 360 days, since the days of the likes of Braid and Li mbo.

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Vasto1280d ago

One of my most anticipated games this year.

uptownsoul1280d ago

Of course, just like Nier:Automata went to Xbox (in order to get more sales), so too will Ashen eventually go to PS4 (in order to get more sales)…My guess is the same 1 year time frame that Nier:Automata had

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chiefJohn1171280d ago

Dude your post is a reply not a second separate post

Obscure_Observer1280d ago


Dude, it´s not a console timed exclusive anymore. It´s an Xbox One exclusive now.

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lxeasy1280d ago

Yeah a lot of my Xbox friends are excited to play this game when it releases.

Aceman181280d ago

Because they paid you, and there's nothing wrong with that?

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The story is too old to be commented.