15 Worst Xbox Exclusive Games of All Time

Shubhankar: "Over the years, from 2001 to now, Xbox consoles have had a number of excellent exclusive titles. And to celebrate all those wonderful exclusives, in this feature, we're going to take a look at all the worst ones!"

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Bobafret147d ago

Too Human, nothing else comes close.

BlackTar187147d ago

Me and my buddy enjoyed that game coop. Beat it a couple times

darthv72146d ago

That game is better than most give it credit for. The game is pretty good, its the dev time is what hurt it.

Razzer146d ago

Really felt like it wasn’t very good while I was playing and yet, somehow, I enjoyed it to the very end. Kind of like a B movie that somehow you can’t stop watching. I don’t know how to describe it. It was crap and still enjoyable?

cooperdnizzle146d ago

The game was complet rubish. Here hold this analog stick for 7 hours! There bam whole game.

conanlifts147d ago

Crimson Dragon was not really terrible, it was certainly a bit mediocre but I still enjoyed it.

Godmars290147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

When it was a "spiritual successor" to Panzer Dragoon... ?

conanlifts147d ago

Yes it was. So fans of Panzer Dragoon would probably enjoy it. The on rails controls are a bit dated now though, but still not a bad game to try.

Godmars290146d ago

Guessing you never played PD, or only played Orta.

darthv72146d ago

It was offered with GwG a few years back and I missed out so now its $14. And no demo for me to try.

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